What is Inspiration and Motivation? Where do you find yours?


What inspires you?

Inspiration and motivation can come from several places or people.   What I have found with my clients is depending on what is happening in their lives at the time will determine what inspires them.

I recently participated in a workshop as an attendee instead of a presenter.  I was hoping to be inspired and motivated but the first part was the same thing that I usually teach and therefore was watching the presentational techniques instead of listening to the content.

After lunch, we had an exercise where we had to split into teams and work out together a challenge to a conclusion.   This is where I found my motivation and inspiration. On that day at that time that is what inspired me.

Where Do you look for inspiration?

If you write, or blog then you might look for inspiration on the internet, from real life experience or by reading.  Everyone has several ways of finding inspiration and what works for one person may not work for another. Fear can get in the way of our motivation and inspiration.

Sometimes when we least expect it inspiration can come to us.  Other times not letting go of limiting beliefs and seeing possibilities in the future can stop us from being inspired.

How long do inspiration and motivation last?

Sometimes inspiration can last only a few minutes, other times it can last hours or days and if you are really lucky it can last months.Motivation What can help you get inspired or motivated?

  • Meditate (guided if you are new to it)
  • Exercise
  • Read Motivational Quotes
  • Listen to Motivational Music

Some books which help me stay motivated

  • Dale Carnegie
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Louise Hay
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Jay Abraham

The list could go on, I make sure I read or listen to something motivating every day to keep me inspired.

It is so easy to become despondent, cynical and demotivated when there are so many negative influencers that surround us all the time.

What inspires and motivates you, please comment and help others be inspired.


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  1. Reply

    I think inspiration can lead to motivation, reading books do inspire me and sometimes what the book is about motivates me to do something. So the contents of a book can give me an idea which inspires and motivates me to do things. People do inspire me too but I find am not much of a people person, although I try very hard not to label myself as such.

    • helenvella


      Totally agree with you, everyone is motivated in a different way and books are a very good way to do that.

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