What does Empowered Mean? Define Empowered…It should be given to everyone.

What does empowered mean when people say I want to be empowered?

What does it mean when I say I empower people? 

This word is used a lot and I am not truly sure most people know what it really means and how it feels to either be empowered or empower someone else.

I know from dealing with my clients that my main objective is to empower, inspire and motivate them.  However, for some, this is a scary proposition.  You can give someone the tools, training, and education to empower themselves but that does not mean they are going to be empowered.

In the workplace many managers, leaders and trainers are not equipped to realize by empowering their staff and work colleagues it leads to better time management, more productivity and less sick days off work.

Below are some areas where you can empower people at work.  This applies to any size business whether it is 2 people or 2,000 people.

Empowering at work.Empower, Inspire, Motivate

  • teaching
  • training
  • delegating
  • Trusting
  • Communication
  • encouraging
  • allowing

Empowering at home.

  • communication
  • teaching
  • learning
  • sharing
  • delegating
  • understanding
  • encouraging
  • motivating
  • trusting

Empowering someone to stand on their own helps you liberate Dale Carnegiethem and help them to feel confident have more self-esteem and more importantly that you trust them.  You become a better leader and also a better parent.  Everyone likes to feel as though you trust them.

You become a better leader and also a better parent.  Everyone likes to feel as though you trust them. This also helps build teams, initiative, and creativity.

Your children should be encouraged to be creative, ask questions and given chores, errands.  They should also be encouraged to be involved in conversations and to be listened to.  This will empower them and give them the tools to move forward in their lives.

Having someone be dependent on you for their whole life, or even at work where they cannot do things for themselves is not fair on them and not fair on you.

Empowering someone to be the best person they can be is the best gift you can give anyone.

Good leaders and good managers all know how to empower people, delegate and not micro manage.

My main objective with my clients is to empower them to use the tools I teach them so they can go off into the world and be the capable person they truly are.  Everyone is teachable and everyone deserves the opportunity to shine.Being empowered is the best gift


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26 thoughts on “What does Empowered Mean? Define Empowered…It should be given to everyone.

  1. Agree agree agree. Some people believe information is power so they don’t want to empower other people – it’s sad. I agree with you, it’s not fair on both. Great post!

  2. Empowering another person to be the best version of themselves is the most rewarding thing anyone can do! I can absolutely vouch for this as a coach for the past 30 years. It’s amazing inspiring someone to shine!

    • Totally agree I love my job as a coach and trainer and empowering is one of my slogans I use. There is nothing more rewarding as you say. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Yes!! As a mama and someone who works with college students, I see firsthand how important it is for us to empower our children! Unfortunately this day and age, a lot of children are not empowered which sets them up for a very difficult transition into life after leaving the nest!

    • Yes you are so right. Children these days have too many gadgets to keep them occupied and not enough self-creation and empowering influences. I ponder on how this will affect our future society.

  4. I agree with you in total about empowering others, especially children. The way things are in the world right now show just how much it’s needed. It’s tough. Great post.

    • It is tough and I think there should be more done in schools. The whole school system all over the world really needs to re-look at how to teach and what to teach these days and move with the times.

  5. I believe the most important part of empowering someone else is holding space for them to accomplish things on their own, providing the tools and support as necessary. Empowerment is a tricky word, subject to a lot of controversy, and I applaud you for opening up dialogue about this difficult thing!

    • Giving the person the tools is the way to go to enable them to be empowered. Supporting them is essential knowing when to give them the space to be able to work things through for themselves so they do not become co-dependent.

  6. Wonderful thoughts…I agree, empowerment needs to start at home and from childhood. It should become a way of life and part of character for empowerment to be most effective

    • Agreed not a lot of leaders and managers trust their employees enough to empower them to do their jobs effectively.

  7. I really liked your article on empowerment. Thank you so much for your perspective, it made me really look at what it means to empower each other. I completely agree with you that we as a culture need to find ways to empower our kids so they are ready to face the difficulties that lay ahead. Take Care, Heather

  8. awesome post about the importance of empowerment!

    it’s extremely important today as a lot of people are living incredibly dependent lives, especially in the case of most employees today who are dependent on a company or government to look after them. in my view, the more independent a society can become, the better it becomes!



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