What are the health benefits of Chlorophyll? -What is Chlorophyll?

What are the health benefits of Chlorophyll you might ask and what does it actually do for you? Where can you find it and why you should be taking it.

The molecular structure of  Chlorophyll is the same as the hemoglobin, therefore it is very good for your blood.  Chlorophyll is a super food which is packed with a range of powerful nutrients.

Chlorophyll is a chlorin pigment, which is structurally similar to and produced through the same metabolic pathway as other porphyrin pigments such as heme. At the center of the chlorin ring is a magnesium ion. This was discovered in 1906, and was the first time that magnesium had been detected in living tissue.

Benefits of Chlorophyl
Where does it come from?

Chlorophyll is a green pigment present in plants which facilitates the absorption of light from the sun. It has the ability to convert this light energy into usable form which is utilized for various processes such as photosynthesis by virtue of which the green plants prepare their own food.

Therefore one of the great reasons many ailments call for green leafy vegetables as part of a healthy diet is because of the chlorophyll content.  When you really need a boost then take liquid Chlorophyll as the answer.Liquids are more easily absorbed in your body.  Pills can take longer for your stomach to break down and sometimes they do not break down at all and you straight through you without you getting any benefits.

Areas that may be helped with Chlorophyll

  • Immune System
  • Some Cancers
  • Digestive Health
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-AgingLiquid Chlorophyll
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Leg cramps
  • Strong Bones and Muscles
  • Oral Health

I use Organic Chlorophyll drops and drink it diluted in water.  Around 15 drops up to 3 times a day. One of the reasons I do this is because I like many of you sit a great deal of the day.  When we sit for so long the circulation to the legs, ankles, and feet are restricted.  This causes cramps and possible blood clots, so along with adding in movement throughout the day, there is also a reason for adding Chlorophyll.

If you are taking any medications please check with your medical practitioner as always before adding anything new to your regime.

The one I take has peppermint in it as well and therefore although it is very green when you drink it the taste is palatable. You can also add it into your vegetable and fruit smoothies.

Despite clinical usage for many years, toxic effects of natural chlorophyll in normal doses have not been known. However, it might cause some discoloration in the tongue, urine or feces when administered orally. Along with this, it might also cause mild burning or itching sensation on topical application.Benefits of Chlorophyll

When you look at all the benefits and the reasons for chlorophyll you can see why you should incorporate this into your daily regime.   As more and more people are giving up red meat it is important to know what nutrients and vitamins are available from other foods.  The way our food is now produced there is more reasons to take good supplements.

 Stay informed. Stay Hydrated.



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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your health provider.

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48 thoughts on “What are the health benefits of Chlorophyll? -What is Chlorophyll?

  1. I think I’ve never heard of taking Chlorophyll as supplement. It seems that it has a list of benefits to our health. It make sense though, we are getting the nutrients from green vegetables. I suppose the chlorophyll extract will have the nutrients more concentrated. One thing that I worry is the taste. Will it taste very raw and greenish?

    • The taste is fine it looks pretty green but with the peppermint it takes just like peppermint green drink. I only put it in a small amount of water so I don;t have to drink a load of it lol

  2. Wow, and here I thought all along that Chlorophyll was what makes grass green! I had no idea there were nutritional benefits. Thanks for the info!

  3. One of the products I’ve done customer service for was Sun Chlorella USA. I have heard nothing but good things results about it and now I see why! Thanks for the info.

  4. Very interesting.
    I did not know that Chlorophyll has nutritional values. I just thought it was what makes the plants green, and that it.

    Are there types of chlorophyll? I mean, if we extract the pigment from a certain flower, will it be better for example?

  5. Dear Helen,

    Chlorophyll is absolutely wonderful for the health and I’m glad to learn something new! It can help with digestive health, which is something I need to treat! Thank you.

  6. I hadn’t heard of Chlorophyll before, so this was an interesting post to read. You say that it can be used as a substitute for eating red meat. But I do eat red meat, not that often though. What is the ratio for eating red meat and supplement?

  7. Great article! I had never heard of chlorophyll as something to take for better health! It really peaked my interest. Do you find it helps energize you? I would think with all those benefits it must! Again, great article!

  8. I have heard of Chorophyll but I’m sceptical.
    Would I not not get better nutrients from taking powdered super greens mixed in water?
    How is chorophyll extracted and from what greens?

    • Chlorophyll comes the green in plants and yes you would get it from your super greens. I am talking about using it as a concentrate if you think you are not getting enough nutrients for your blood. Great question, thank you.

  9. I had never heard of it before. I’m already taking quite a few supplements at this point, so I’m going to wait to introduce another once, but I might try it at some point. I never eat red meat either (cause I don’t eat meat or fish at all), so this might come in handy

  10. I used to take a chlorophyll supplement. I felt so great, but it tasted so yuck. I should go back to taking it again. Thanks for providing so much information about it.

    • Yes it can taste yukky what I do is put it in the minimum amount of water and then just drink it straight back. Then drink some water.

  11. I absolutely love your website and this post. I am very much into natural health and healing and try to stick to that as much as I can. I also believe that sometimes the “best cures” are in the form of prevention. And taking care of your health naturally is the first step so that we dont end up needing medication. Keep up the great work! I will follow for sure.

    • Thank you I am so glad you like my website I try to keep it current and helpful. Alternative remedies being my focus.

  12. Wow I learned something new today!! This is the first time I’ve heard of using chlorophyll as a supplement. besides that, only in biology class do I ever hear talks about it. Thanks for the info! My husband and I are always looking for ways to improve our lifestyle. Will check it out!

    • Always learning about health is what keep you abreast of what you can do to help your body as much as possible.

  13. It seems like a wonder product. So many benefits. I have been experiencing leg cramps lately. Guess this liquid Chlorophyll will be a relief!

  14. I remember learning about chlorophyll back in the day in science class. It is funny how we had no idea of the health benefits back then. I try to get my greens every day whether it be a spinach salad or kale chips, etc. I’ve got to get these drops to supplement the times when I’m not getting my greens.

  15. The green juice I get every morning has chlorophyll in it but I never realised until now how many heart benefits it has! Thanks for filling me in!

  16. Learned something new. I haven’t heard of a chlorophyll supplemented before. This is the first. I’ll give this a try if a come across this product.

  17. I have liquid chlorophyll. I had no idea of all of its benefits. I was using it as a blood builder due to its similarity to hemo, as you stated in your article. I enjoyed your informative writing. Leg cramps is one thing I was unaware of being able to treat. I’ll try and see if it works faster than this huge magnesium tablet. 👍🏼😁

  18. I am all for the healthy diet and ChlorophyII drinks definitely comes along the way. I believe the best way to maintain a healthy body is not depend on pills, but on health diet, and ChlorophyII really helps.

    • Medication is not the way to go if you can find an alternative that works for you. Research and knowing your body is key to your health.

  19. This is my first time hearing about chlorophyll. I’m going to research a little more because I have Lupus and trying to see if it helps with flare-ups. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I had no idea chlorophyll could help with so much. I sit a lot of the day, unless I’m chasing my kids around, and could definitely use this as a supplement.

  21. I’ve heard of Chlorophyll but never really too the time ti learn about it. Thanks for the great post and references for further reading. Time to study up!

    • Chlorophyll although it tastes a bit off is very good for you, I get the one that has a bit of mint in it as well so it tastes a little better. 🙂

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