What are the 7 Chakras? What are the colors?

What are Chakras and what are the colors?  What does it all mean?  Can this really work?  Play the video below and let me know how you get on.




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There are lots of natural ways to be healthy and stay healthy and this is just another way of balancing your Chakras.

Please share this post with others and feel free to give me comments on how it has worked for you.

Thanks – Helen-


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    Hi Helen,

    I’ve heard of Chakra but never really look into it. I know it’s about the centre of energy but never realised that it’s related to colours and mantras. Is there any ways to know which of the chakras that are lacking in energy?

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      Yes there is. If you focus on the part of the body the Chakra is and imagine what color is there if it is not the color it is meant to be then that is the one lacking.

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    Hi there Hellen =)

    I have definitely heard of chakras before thanks to many self help, spiritual videos but I haven’t really delved deeper into them and understood enough about them. Very informative video.

    Thanks =)

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    I found this very helpful and informative. Especially with the ground chakra, as I tend to be blown away easily and sometimes not stand on the ground firmly.
    I heard and read a little bit about chakras before but you gave me a good reminder.
    Great work, clear and neat explanation.


  4. Netta


    An interesting take on working with chakras. Thank you, Helen.

    I always find it amazing how people work with the ancient wisdoms to bring them into their own modern lives. I think it is a good thing because we can only use the information in ways that make sense to our own selves and that can be integrated into our own way of living.

    • Helen


      Thank you. Yes there are many ancient wisdoms and fortunately people are becoming more aware of them and bringing them back. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Blame


    Chakras itself are circles where energies can be released and taken in. The video really reinforces how each chakra works. However I thought red was related to sexual energy. Free flow is important to release energy blocks that blocks expression. Thank you for the information. Thank you.

    What other energy freeing exercises do you recommend?

    • Helen


      Orange is the sexual energy also the creativity. There are several that I use with clients. Explaining them and how to use them in a comment would not give them justice. Thank you for your comments.

  6. Ryan


    Hey Helen, this was a great video. i have been looking for more information on CHakras and how to use them to my advantage in daily life and this definitely helped.

    The orange Chakra: how do you recommend going about getting this more involved into your day to day routine?

    • Reply

      I would repeat the mantra “I am a creative sexual being” over and over and really focus on an image of your choice as being bright orange. If you cannot get the Orange to come easily keeping repeating the mantra. Take some time to relax and focus (10 mins). Thanks for your comments.

  7. Chas


    Hi Helen,

    This was certainly a unique experience. I have heard of Chakras, but did not really know anything about them. I like how you incorporated the video. It gives your website a very personal touch.

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