Vision Boards Examples – How to make a Vision Board that really works

Visions Board Examples can be found all over the internet and Pinterest but how do you know they really work?

Since the Secret movie and books came out there has been a lot of discussion about vision boards and if they actually work.

Vision Boards and the secretFirstly you will want to know what it is you want to achieve in your life.  It is not always all about money.  Thinking only about money detracts from what you really can achieve in life. To give you some vision board examples here are some guidelines

  1. Make a list of things you would like to have in your life right now.
  • health
  • wealth
  • the perfect partner
  • car
  • love
  • travel
  • money to do all you want
  • cruise
  • happiness
  • contentment
  • publish a book
  • successful business
  • $100,000 per year income
  • house/accommodation

You get the idea, you have to first figure out what it is you would like.  Now you have to have images or quotes that would reflect the things you would like to be in your life.

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2. Once you have chosen your representations of what you want to manifest, you then put them on your board.   This can be a physical board, on an app, or on Pinterest.

Vision boards can be for anything but I would suggest you have one board for each topic and not mix them up on the same board.  For example have one for a career, one for health and so on.

Setting your board where it is easily accessible is crucial as you want to look at it every day and often.

3. Displaying your board. There are lots of places you can display a vision board. You can have them in any room in your house or office.  Putting theme somewhere you can see them all the time is the best.  You also may want to encourage your children to have a vision board which helps them plan and expects things for their future. Kids are very creative and can come up with some really amazing boards.Planning your vision board

Before he was famous, Jim Carey wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 for “Acting services rendered” and dated it for Thanksgiving 1995. Then he placed the check in his wallet and kept it there. . He would park his car on the famous Mulholland Drive every single night and visualize having directors interested in him and people he respected saying “I like your work”.

Just before Thanksgiving 1995 Jim Carey found out he would be receiving $10,000,000 for his role in Dumb and Dumber

When you make vision boards on Pinterest, where you can find lots of boards.  You can make your vision board for yourself and keep it secret and nobody will be able to see it except for you and whomever you give permission.

You do not have to share it with others unless you want to.  You can make a board and share with your family or work colleagues, having a board where everyone has the same goal in mind really helps generate the right energy for the manifestation of the board.

Be careful of anyone who has access to the board having negative energy towards the goals of the rest of the team.

Constantly looking at something every day your unconscious embeds it in your brain and then you expect it into reality.

4. You must also put the energy out there in the universe when you look at your vision board and really  FEEL you have achieved what you desire and dream about.

What do I mean by feeling the board?  Try this exercise when you choose your images and then look at them on your boards.

Take A Deep Breath……..look at the image you have chosen…….how does it make Grateful, joyful and thankfulyou feel when you see yourself with that car, cruise, health etc?  

Do you feel

  • excited,
  • happy,
  • fulfilled,
  • grateful,
  • satisfied

or any other wonderful feeling?  IF you do not then this is the wrong image for you.  Choose another image that gives you a great feeling.  

  •  Now looking at your board feel all the things you feel having achieved everything on the board.
  • Take a deep breath and go about your day knowing and believing all will come to fruition.

The most important thing is to be able to relate to what is on the board emotionally so you really give it life.  Many people I know have manifested what is on their board and much more because they believe.   If you do not believe then it will not work as well as you might expect it to.

I have been using vision boards for years and I must say I have achieved most things, I have also altered them as time goes on as my values and situations changed.  Being mindful of your life changes and updating your board is always advisable.

Keeping your old boards is also a good motivator because you can look back and see that it did really work for you.


So….what is it that you are going to put on your vision board?

You can start small or if you are really motivated you can go really big.  I have a client that put a board together and it had sparkles and glitter and all sorts of things on it.   Whatever works for YOU and you alone is what you should do.

 Enjoy the process, think positive and above all dream and vision all the time.

I am available for workshops and classes or individual person creating of vision boards

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64 thoughts on “Vision Boards Examples – How to make a Vision Board that really works

  1. Hi Helen. My sister is into meditation and visualization. to be honest I was a bit skeptical when she told me about this when certain things have come true and she believes it’s from her experience of meditation and visualization! you said from your experience by writing it down on a board and elsewhere, for what you constantly looked at it, it has come true to you, I,m ging to start doing this, Thanks Helen for your feedback 🙂

    • Please do you will not regret it. Having your goals and dreams constantly in your minds eye reminds you of your why in life and keeps you motivated to keep moving.

  2. These vision board ideas are really great. I like your idea of making sure of not getting them mixed up as that is something i would definitely do and also having the boards for my children sounds like one of best suggestions I have heard from anyone in a long while – thanks a million for this, really helpful

    • You are welcome and good luck making them especially with your children it will be a great experience for all of you.

  3. I do a vision board yearly and it works. I love when I put my goals front and center. This gives me a chance to focus on the little goals to get me to my big goal.

  4. This is such a creative way to motivate yourself to reach for your dreams. I often try to put up quotes that will motivate me to achieve more, but I think I will try the vision board. Much more fun than my current method.

  5. I think vision boards can be very powerful. I like to visualise goals in my own mind so seeing them physically in front of you must be a great motivator too!

    • It is because when you see it in your mind all the time that is fantastic and also when you see it in front of you it is a double confirmation for your brain to make sure you achieve it.

  6. Great post! Never used vision boards before looks like something I might want to do! Definitely seems to be a great way to be always motivated and reminded of the goals that you want to achieve.
    thanks for the great post and have a good day!

  7. Vision boards definitely work but it depends on the person, as always. I think these are awesome tips on how to create a good vision board!

    • Yes it does depend on the person as they must believe in what they are doing and manifesting. Like everything in life you get what you focus on.

    • It is a great book but it is the vision board that makes things happen and how you feel and believe about it. It is also fun putting it together.

  8. I I’ve heard great things about vision boards I haven’t done an official one myself. i like to write things down and journal them and I think that helps. Although I may try it just to see what kind of outcome I can get.

    • Journaling is great to keep things out of your head and onto something you can read back, as I mentioned before it is another tool to the tool box and whatever works for you. Vision Boards are a tool and can be very successful for many people.

  9. I know that these would be great when trying to set goals for myself about certain things. I know that when I get back to work this week after having he last week off I am going to have to do a lot of planning. I have so much that I need to get done. Ugh!

    • Having a plan and writing down what you need to achieve can help you with your planning. Once you plan out what you want then you can put your vision board together. Good luck I am sure you will be able to work it out.

  10. I did hear recently that vision boards only work if you put stuff on there that is realistic enough that it could happen. If something is way to far fetched then your mind rejects it even if you try and believe.

    • That is why you have to believe in what you are putting on your board and have the feeling that matches that belief. Your board should not have anything on it you truly do not believe in.

  11. Has this actually worked for you? Like do you have a concrete example of a vision board working? I understand that it is a good thing to affirm yourself and that believing in your desires, and positive visualization, are good tools, but when I think of people doing vision boards I always just imagine that Always Sunny episode episode where they all envision really petty, ridiculous stuff and then just expect it magically manifest just that like that!
    I guess maybe I just don’t get it..??

    • Yes there are 1,000’s of examples of vision boards working, personally, everything on my current vision board has come to pass except for one thing. I am now in the process of doing another vision board with my next goals and dreams and including the one thing I have not achieved yet again on that board. It is a tool like many other tools to use for achieving things in life. You use a tool that resonates with you, perhaps a vision board does not resonate with you but something else does. Everyone is an individual and that is what makes life interesting.

  12. I’ve seen more and more people talking about and doing vision boards. I remember doing one in grade school, but have never considered it as an adult. I love the idea of positive thinking and seeing my goals in a picture collage every day would certainly help me stay on track for achieving them.

    • It is something that is a constant reminder which is there with you all the time. Seeing your goals outside of yourself instead of trying to remember them all the time is a great way to keep yourself on track.

    • Agreed, if you have many projects then having a board will put into perspective exactly how many you should focus on and then you can clear your mind of that clutter and focus on other things.

    • The saying goes, seeing is believing, so if you see it everyday then you believe it everyday. Glad your board is working for you.

  13. Great post! I saw the documentary about the secret, I think it is all about having positive thoughts, and when you have a positive thought you feel positive and produce more, get creative, and find your path. That’s my humble opinion of course 🙂

    • Great opinion and yes the secret documentary was a great start to helping people perfect their way to being positive and have vision boards. Things have progressed since then and there are many ways to have the boards now but the most important thing is to believe with feeling and if you do not then you have to figure out what it is that is stopping you have the belief.

  14. I’ve heard a lot about vision boards. I like the concept of them. I’m not sure if I’d ever do one, because mine would be covered with pictures of food, because I’m weird that way.

    • It is a tool to be used for people who feel comfortable with that tool. It is not the only tool out there to help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated. What works for one person does not work for another. Like the idea of a food board especially if it is a healthy food board 🙂

  15. These are all great points on how powerful vision boards can be. I’ve been keeping one myself for a while now, and I find it totally helpful! I look through mine pretty often and it really inspires me to keep working toward my goals more consistently.

    • So glad to hear that, I know with mine I was surprised to see that I had achieved what was on my board especially as I had been moving around and my board was not always in my work space for me to see on a regular basis. I also have one on Pinterest which I look at every day too.

  16. Omg I love reading stuff about the law of attraction! I actually have my vision board on my desk since I do all of my work here and it’s the first thing I see when I walk into the room.

    Vision boards are great because they’re like a constant reminder of why you’re doing all of the things you do!


    • I agree totally, having your board where you can see it all the time is a sure fire way of making sure it manifests.

  17. When we started house hunting I made a vision board of the backyard oasis I wanted. Looking at the properties in the area I was looking I felt like it was impossible but I decided to go for it anyone… We found a house and now that very oasis is coming together!!!


    • So very glad to hear that, I love hearing stories where their vision board has worked for them, keep up the vision and the dream.

  18. Thanks for sharing these very helpful tips. I’ve dabbled in Vision Boards, both physical and on Pinterest for many years, and I always enjoy reading articles about the process in order to tweak my own boards.

    • Always good to keep up with what is going on and tweaking as you go. As long as you have a great feeling about them they will be motivating and inspiring.

  19. It is so true. If you truly believe in your vision board and keep coming back to it, it will manifest into your reality. You have to truly want it and be passionate about those goals in order to reach them. Great tips.

  20. Dear, thank you for this amazing post!
    I have been for years believing the secret and following it as well. For me, the vision boards are my key to the needed motivation 🙂

    • I am so glad I love to hear of stories where the vision board and the believing of the manifestation come to fruition. Thank you for your comments.

    • It certainly is and they can be made to look like a piece of art on your wall. Some of the vision boards I have seen when I hold my classes are stunning.

  21. what a great post! I have personally never had a vision board, but I really see how it can be a very inspiring thing to see ever day, and be reminded of your goals and good things in your life.
    I think this could really help others who have minor depression, maybe it would remind them off good things when they are having a bad day 🙂
    Thanks for the read!

  22. Hi Helen,

    Great article, I really believe in this stuff. I have read John Assaraf’s book “Having it All” and taken some of his training courses as well. He’s doing some great things. Have you watched his annual Brain-A-Thon?

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