I initially went to Helen for a headache, neck, and jaw pain. She has helped me way beyond physical pain. She helped me get rid of the emotional junk keeping me from being my best self. She is so enthusiastic and invested in me that it makes me believe even more in myself. She is right on target with what is going on with me and knows what I need to do to get out of my own way. She is absolutely trustworthy and knowledgeable. Her expertise is definitely worth the investment. Helen is one of the best things I have done for myself and I have been with her for over a year. Everyone would be better off with Helen in their lives.  M.M.

After 15 years of pain I was fortunate enough to find Helen, I had tried everything in that time to get some relief of the pain. Helen was able to assure me that there was an answer and it would be permanent.
After just one session I was cured, I simply couldn’t believe it.
Since then I have also hired Helen for professional coaching and she has been a complete godsend, I am so grateful we met.
I could only tick three boxes above but if I could I would check all five, I highly recommend Helen’s services and will be booking another session very soon. Helen has the unique ability to see other people’s business like no other, she was able to show me countless ways to improve my business and how to generate different income streams all within my own business. I am very grateful for her guidance and influence and have no problem in recommending her services to anyone.   S.R.

Helen has not only been a long-time business networking partner of mine, but she has also shown herself to be a dedicated friend, whose care, concern & devotion to her areas of expertise shines through to her personal & professional contacts alike. I highly recommend & support her in any of her ventures she offers, including workshops, seminars, mastermind groups & EFT/ holistic therapeutic services.  K.McH

Helen is able to effectively merge people behavior concepts with corporate performance. She has good networking skills and has an instinct for whom should be introduced to someone else. She has taken on many leadership roles including Women at the Top at the Citrus Club and National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Helen demonstrates a high degree of integrity and good organizational skills.  H.A.

Helen recently had the pleasure of speaking at one of my networking groups. I wasn’t quite sure what she would discuss with the topic “Bringing clarity to your business”.

I along with the entire group were glued to her presentation.She gave us a lot of information, but also interacted with everyone to see how they were currently handling their business and what ideas she may share to help improve your business.

I was enlightened by what I saw and had many people come up to me after the meeting to let me know how much they enjoyed Helen’s presentation.I would highly recommend Helen to any business or individual.

Philip Bellacicco
Connections Group

I have known Helen for several years professionally as a public speaker, networker, and life coach–and in all three arenas would classify her as superior. Helen is not only articulate and effective in her message, but as a motivator and problem-solver as well! I would recommend Helen to anyone seeking to sharpen and achieve clarity in their professional endeavors, in networking and or just to get ‘grounded’ again for re-direction.  R.C.

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