Suicide Rates America, Teen Suicide on the Increase

Why is there an increase in Child Suicide ?

Suicide rates for those between the ages of 10-14 increased over 50% between 1981 and 2007,  also suicide is the third leading killer amongst children ages 10-14 years (behind accidents and cancer).  It should be noted that although suicide is under-reported among all age groups, this is particularly true for children.

Being Bullied

Being bullied can be a big factor on your childs emotional state, especially if they cannot share what is going on with someone they trust.  Bullying not only happens at school it happens at home, and also cyber bullying is a medium that causes even bigger stressors for kids as not only are they being bullied they are being bullied in a bigger public domain.

Tips to help with Cyber Bullies

  • Think twice before posting a photo or comment that could be taken out of context
  • Report bad behavior to an adult
  • Do not portray youth as victims, which can give others the idea they are weak and vulnerable targets
  • Save the evidence
  • Don’t retaliate

As a parent there are apps and restrictions so that you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing on the internet. Today this is a must with all the predators out there today.

What can you do to de-stress your kids?

Today kids as young as pre K are under pressure to perform, education is important but why so much pressure?   One of the ideas put into their brain is if they do not do well they will not succeed in life. Most of us would agree with this!!!!Child Suicide on the increase

When children are turning up at school at 7 am and leaving at 2.30 pm and then get home to another 3 or 4 hours of homework to do, this is pressure……. these kids are only 11 and 12. Too much in my opinion.

I know there are adults who work from 7 am till 7.30 pm but usually, most adults work an 8 hour day.   What are these kids doing working 12 hour days?  When do they get time to be kids?

These kids are exhausted and under a great deal of pressure.  Do the schools and teachers actually get together and decide how much homework they are giving each child, I don’t think so……

My granddaughter’s school friend of 14 committed suicide recently and it was all over the news, there was also a 12-year old that committed suicide while going live on Facebook.  Unfortunately, her friend who saw it sent the authorities to the wrong address so by the time they got there it was too late.

Since then there have been many small groups within the school, for kids to go to as they know that these people in the group will listen to them and support them.

In the most recent California Healthy Kids Survey, 1 in 3 high school juniors reported feeling chronically sad.

An astonishing 1 in 5 freshmen and juniors reported contemplating suicide. Children do not take long to commit suicide once they have made the decision.

The causes of student distress vary, but 1 in 3 teens told the American Psychological Association that stress was a primary driver, and the single biggest cause teens named was school.

Children seldom leave suicide notes, and they typically have less access to suicidal methods (e.g., guns, pills). When child suicides do occur, they often are officially reported as accidents.  (Excerpt from Suicide: An Essential Guide for Helping Professionals and Educators, by D.H. Granello, P.F. Granello, 2007 edition, p. 33-36 .)

So…… can you help the kids?Suicide in kids is on the increase

  • Whether you are Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or any relative, when the child comes to you and wants to talk – please listen to them without judgment or interruption.
  • If the child is moody, not eating, depressed, not sleeping, pay attention to this and ask questions to find out what is causing the change in behavior.
  • Talk to the teachers and find out what is going on in school, it just takes a phone call or email to keep updated.
  • Look at how much homework they have and if it is possible for the child to fit this in within a reasonable time before getting enough sleep.
  • Check their texts and what they are saying to their friends.  You can do this from your phone if they are on your plan.
  • Find out who their friends are and how they are treating each other.
  • Be aware of what they are watching on their devices, what they watch all the time will influence how they behave.
  • Set up a trusted network of adults and children they can confide in.
  • List of suicide helplines

We are all under pressure because of the changing world we live in.  The young of today are living a fast and furious lifestyle full of changes which they have to cope with every day.How to achieve work life balance

The parents today had a very different childhood and therefore are learning coping skills to help their children.  All of this leads to stress,

All of this leads to stress, anxiety and fear.  Everyone needs to communicate with each other, through communication we learn about each other and therefore can help each other. Always let them know they are not alone and they are ok to have the feelings they are having.

Teach them how to meditate, use tapping, teach them breathing techniques, have calming music in the house, I am sure if you give it some thought you can come up with some more ways to be able to help your child.

Taking time to stop just for a moment –  be in the moment – take a look at the children in your life – consider what stress they may be under, whatever it is, it is real for them. No matter how small you may think the challenge they are having is.

Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Meridian Energy Therapies including Emotional Freedom Techniques,

Hypnotherapist and Author of several books.

Based in Florida Helen helps people locally and all over the world overcome their life challenges and eliminate their emotional baggage.

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Lists of suicide hotlines



  1. Reply

    This is such an important topic. I hope I never have to encounter it with my own children. But I had to talk to my oldest about it when the lead singer of Linkin Park committed suicide. I think opening the dialogue about it was important. I always tell him he can tell me anything and I make time to have one on one time and ask about his friends, school, and how he’s feeling about things. I hope it pays off as he gets into his teen years.

    • helenvella


      You did the right, talking about this openly is far better than ignoring it. Hard subject but has to be talked about

  2. Blair villanueva


    I believe on family formation of the kid. All things starts from home, and family. I think American families should take a look of it. Other factors are just accessories.

    • helenvella


      It is not all that easy. What goes on in someones mind is something only they have going on. How you bring them up and family formation plays a part but it is not what causes the kids to feel the way they do.

  3. Danay


    This is a difficult but necessary topic to cover. As the mom of a teen I’m always conscious of the community I build around him. I think a close knit community of parents and friends, as you pointed out, really does help.

    • helenvella


      It does but you also have to see who is not a friend and can have an impact just as much on them as their inner circle.

  4. Reply

    the problem is the bullying in my opinion kids are really mean to each other and this has a serious impact on kids because they’re all in one place day after day and they can’t get away from being harassed day after day week after they resort to suicide to get away from the situation because they are afraid to ask for help. anyway, very moving post I feel like it needed to be shared with parents world wide.

    • helenvella


      You are so right, big subject and so much has an input into how someone feels about themselves.

  5. Craig


    It really is unfortunate how prevalent bullying, particularly internet bullying, has become among youth these days. I’ve heard this over and over again and Netflix has even released a series on the topic to dry to drive awareness and help combat the problem. Thank you for doing your part to spread awareness as well and try to solve this issue!

    • helenvella


      Thank you I think the more we bring awareness the better. There is so much negative movies and books and people around we really need to help people deal with how they are feeling.

  6. Reply

    Suicide is a very sad topic to discuss. No one should feel the need to take their own life. Everyone deserves to live a wonderful fulfilling life. This gift that we have been given is easily taken for granted but its easily the most precious one we have.

    After reading this article it was easy to see how the age group of 10-14 has a very high rate. Middle school going into high school is a very difficult time in a persons life. People can be really cruel to one another during this time.

    Bullies feel the need to pick on the small and weak just because they are different and this is not right.

    Cyber bullying has to be the easiest and most frequent means of conducting such an atrocious act. It’s too easy to post something without thinking and before you know it goes viral. Hundreds if not thousands can easily cast judgement and say the most evil of things.

    Like you said “think before you post”

    My bit of advice is this…. Surround yourself with people who only seek to build you up. People who really have your back and prove so effortlessly. Talk to them and share your concerns and never hold anything inside.

    If they can’t be there for you that really does say a lot about what they think about you.

    • helenvella


      Totally agree with you and this is what we need to be teaching in schools from a very young age. I think the way kids are taught things today is so old school it does not prepare them for the social skills needed to cope with life.

  7. Lee


    It’s not only in America Helen, here in the UK the suicide rates of teens has been increasing for some years now aswell.

    I have two young children, 5 and 7 and they haven’t been exposed to social media yet. But I must say that the thought of it worries me because of knowing what it can be like and how it affects young people’s mental health.

    The only way to improve this awful situation is to first start talking about it, so thanks for sharing this post.

    • helenvella


      Yes it is world wide, even in Japan it is such a problem and talking about it is essential and I said before needs to be in the schools as well.

  8. Reply

    Bullying is such an awful thing. I spent 7th and 8th grade COMPLETELY miserable because I was bullied so bad. My first suicide attempt wasn’t until I was 15 though. But the depression definitely started then. (I’m 26.) Schools don’t handle bullying very well at all. Even after all the deaths caused by it. And they just add fuel to the fire by increasing the work load of children. I have two kids (8 and 3) and worry about the oldest getting bullied at school. (It’s happened before.) I hope we can bring more awareness to the increase in teen suicides…
    P.S. I loved this blog!

    • helenvella


      Very good points you make and until the parents and outsiders start to get involved in schools to help change how they are run the workloads for the kids will not change. As you have experience perhaps you could get involved in your local school.

  9. Reply

    Also, when the subject of suicide come up in the news or a tv show, talk about suicide. Ask your teen if she ever feels like taking her life. (Seek help if she does.) Talk about the nature of problems (everybody has them, they hurt almost unbearably for a time, but solutions can be found, and you can ask for help), and why suicide is a terrible legacy.

    • helenvella


      Totally agree, it is something that should be talked about along with mental illness and shyness and bullying, children should be allowed to share their feelings without judgment then we can figure out how to help them.

  10. Reply

    Thank you for this post, It is so very important to share. We can make a difference when we are aware of the reality of what is happening.

    • helenvella


      Being aware is the key word, being alert and mindful of what is going on around you and the people in your life is so important. Then you can help or get them the help they need.

  11. Reply

    Great post! I was so shocked to hear that 4 kids in the neighboring high schools in my town have committed suicide in the last couple of months. It’s so verys sad!

    On another note, my daughter was feeling depressed at 13 so I had her labs done and it turned out her Vitamin D was severely low and she had a chronic virus that her body has been fighting. Her doctor put her on some supplements and homeopathy to get better. 2 weeks of treatment and she is noticably happier again and singing around the house. It makes me so happy to see my daughter back to herself again and leads me to believe that our kids aren’t getting enough nutrition in their diets too.

    • helenvella


      Yes diet does go some way to our mental health and negative emotions, always good to stay on top of how your child is feeling. I am so glad you took the steps to find out what was going on with your child.

  12. los


    Wow what an interesting article. This is something many people have a hard time talking about. So thanks for covering it here.

    • helenvella


      If there was more talking about then perhaps there would be less suicides, talking and communication is key.

  13. Reply

    Such a difficult topic but thank you for the information. I appreciate the information on de-stressing our kids. There is soooo much going on with our children. I see this on a daily basis and I’m left to reflect on what changes can be made to help them. Your compassion surrounding this topic is evident. Thank you!

    • helenvella


      If more parents were to speak up and have solutions for the educations authorities to look at then perhaps things might change. I get involved in my local community but am always looking at getting things more world wide.

    • helenvella


      It certainly does which is why we need to talk to the kids and build up their self-esteem and also listen to their problems no matter how small we think they are.

  14. Reply

    These are such terrible statistics, my heart goes out to these kids and their parents. I was just discussing with a friend today that we as adults have a duty to protect the children and support whatever they’re going through. I think the best way we can do this is by removing the pressure and simply allowing them to be kids. Thank you for addressing such an important matter.

    • helenvella


      Allowing them to be kids is a great thought, however the way that they are kids today is very different and the parents and teachers need to be able to see this and adapt to the changes so they can help the kids.

  15. Reply

    My son’s suicide attempt was a complete surprise. It came out that he had broken up with his girlfriend, which I knew, felt responsible when a friend got falling down drunk at a party, he didn’t bring alcohol, was not drinking and tried to get his friend to slow down but that’s how he works. Last straw was his dad lecturing on and on about something and not listening.

    The RCMP intervention team were amazing!

    The worst part is because he didn’t actually jump (harm himself) we could not get him into the mental health care system. It took some clever maneuvering by his school council to get him treated.

    It’s not always the overly depressed or troubled children who commit suicide.

    • helenvella


      Hopefully your son is now having someone listen to his challenges and understanding what he might be going through. I totally agree it is sometimes the one’s you lease expect that commit suicide. Wishing you and your family all the best

  16. Reply

    I think it’s unfair to deny kids their rights to be kids. It could be something wrong with the education or the culture itself. But as parents we definitely have the right to do what’s right for them. As for me, I wouldn’t want to force my kid to be the top in the education system. As long as he grew up to be a good man and can take care of himself, I’m more than happy.

    • helenvella


      I totally agree with you. Kids grow up too quickly today. Glad to see you are a parent with an open mind who allows a child to be a child. Thank you.

  17. Reply

    When I went to school I walked along, with friends or alone and in the afternoon i met my friends – and I could manage my time mainly by myself. Today the children are taken everywhere by someone, they have no freedom anymore, are surveilled all the time, at school, at home and in their “free-time” activities. We think we do them good, but actually we don’t.
    I am not surprised that the suicide rate in children is growing, and the depression rate, the anorexic rate and what so ever. At the same time children don’t learn the basic relaxation techniques, most of their parents don’t know anything about them either.

    In our times of increased trust in drugs giving bach-flowers is a great alternative. It “looks” like a drug, but has none of the usual side effects. And it is a good beginning to change the situation.

    • helenvella


      So very true but equally there are lot of kids left alone a lot of the time because the parents have to work to support them financially and their emotional needs are not being met. Great comments even though Child Suicide is not a great topic but people do need to become more aware.

      • Reply

        Yes, we all as a society need to become more aware of what we are doing – or not doing. And what the consequences are. And we need to take over ownership for our lives, responsibility for ourselves, instead of being a victim of whoever and whatever.

  18. Reply

    I know more and more parents who are home schooling their children and doing a wonderful job because of all the problems in the local school. Hope this brings awareness to everyone.

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