Stress the silent killer Millennials more at Risk!

Stress the Silent killer!!!

According to the American Psychological Association, millennials experience more stress and are less able to manage it than any other generation.

More than half of us admit to having lain awake at night during the past month from stress. Not surprisingly, millennials are also more anxious than older Americans.

The APA reports that 12% of millennials have diagnosed anxiety disorder – almost twice the percentage of boomers. Anxiety also regularly afflicts 61% of college students.Millennials and stress

Bad Sleep Habits

Perhaps the most prevalent contributor to anxiety is poor sleep.   Lack of sleep may play a key role in ramping up the brain regions that contribute to excessive worrying.

Common causes of insufficient sleep include going to bed at different times, not making sleep a priority and spending time on phones and other devices right before bedtime.

Read a book or listen to meditation music before going to bed and stay off all devices for at least 20 minutes before bed.

Skipping Sustenance

Easting consistently regulates not only our metabolism and insulin levels but also out mental stability.  Therefore eating meals regularly is extremely important.  Also the fresher and more organic the food the better.  Keep water with you all the time and a glass of water before bed and as soon as you get up also helps.

Drinking Coffee

Can make people jittery, irritable and nervous especially if you are prone to stress and anxiety.   Sensitivity to caffeine is heightened in people with panic disorder and social phobia.  It is also a diuretic which can cause dehydration.  Always drink a glass of water after drinking your coffee.Stress, anxiety, depression

If you work in an office environment and are sitting for long periods of time set your alarm to go for a walk every ninety minutes and also fit in regular exercise this will reduce anxiety and depression in some people by half.

Watching TV and Movies

Some of us think that snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie can help us unwind.  However, research has shown that participants felt more depressed and anxious after watching just 2 hours of TV than those who did not.  While resting reduces anxiety short-term research reveals that its effect is short-lived, particularly compared with exercise.

Who you hang out with.

Seek out people who level your mood.  After you hang out with someone, ask yourself if you feel stable and well – or if you are hyped up and on edge.  It is easy to spend less time with certain people once you have decided they are bad for your health. Positive people bring positive energy which is so much better for you.

Despite your youth chronic anxiety is NOT sustainable.


I put this little video together as a light-hearted way of looking at stress, please enjoy.





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I grew up with a lot of anxiety and stress in my life because my childhood was very unpredictable, this was due to the abuse going on in our household. This worry and stress carried on into my adult life and I found myself with stomach issues and gallbladder issues.   All through stress, worry, and anxiety.

I have always looked for the holistic approach in my life and did lots of research for different methods, foods, remedies, and cures.  This I will share with you through my posts.


  1. Reply


    life without stress would be so awesome! On the other hand I cannot imagine if there is a way how to eliminate it all. That’s a really huge challenge. But I guess there can be “positive” stress as well as “negative” one am I right?

    • helenvella


      Stress is such a big thing and getting worse with everything that is going on in the world. Any tool that can reduce stress must be a plus.

  2. steve


    Hi great video. I have a lot of stress right now. My career is up in the air and we have just bought a house I must say everything is very stressed at the minute. I welcome all your advice on how to manage this and help me try and get through it.


    • helenvella


      I have many articles throughout the website that can help with stress and also my sister website also as you can see from my sites I do consultations via Skype and would be more than happy to discuss that with you and help you through what you are going through. Feel free to contact me direct.

  3. Olabode


    You are right. Stress leads to high blood pressure and that leads to death if not treated.

    • Reply

      Stress is a major factor in many diseases, blood pressure being one of them which if treated can be easily managed. If untreated can lead to many other diseases.

  4. Reply

    Great video! Sometimes we get caught up in a lot of things that we end up forgetting what’s really important.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Erica


    I loved your video! Stress is most certainly a killer. My favourite way to get rid of stress is one you mentioned – getting out in nature. There’s nothing like a swim in the sea or a ride on my bike to put my life back in balance again. I agree that the best way to deal with stress is the natural way. When your stress is out of control and your life is out of balance, you are likely to develop all sorts of complications. Thanks for your insight into an important topic.

    • Helen


      Thank you and I totally agree. Glad you have techniques you use to reduce your stress and keep yourself in balance.

  6. Reply

    Hi Helen,

    Thanks for this really cool video 🙂

    I used to be very stressed, especially because my family is very high anxiety, suffers from depression and always stressed. i found ways of controlling mine by meditation and leaving to live in the present moment. I still have occasional anxiety and will definitely continue to read you articles as they will help me control that.

    Thanks much,
    Love and light.

  7. Reply

    Hello Helen, I am so impressed with your article and the website is just a gem. You can see how much time and effort you have put into this. The video was very well done and fits in nicely with what you are conveying about stress. I’m going to bookmark this as I have a feeling more will be revealed which I can benefit from. Keep doing great work.

    • Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Stress and Anxiety is almost out of control and we have to find natural ways to deal with this. Also teach our young at an early age so they do not get to the point of getting overwhelmed.

  8. Reply

    I’m currently under a lot of stress due to many reasons. That was a great video, thanks for sharing. Would like to know what kind of activities would be good for managing stress.

  9. Reply

    Too right!

    No one should settle for stress “management” when it can be eliminated if known how! =)

    I found the video very eye opening. Getting out into nature is a great way to reduce stress.

    Thank you

  10. Linda


    Helen, I am very impressed with your article as well as your whole website. It is very well organized and super informative. This video is very engaging and enlightening also. If only we could all practice these techniques, the world would certainly be a better place. I’m so glad I got the chance to see your work, it’s very inspiring to me as a Health Coach. I’m very impressed with your accomplishments and enthusiasm for life. Best of everything to you.

    • Reply

      Thank you so much for your very kind comments. It is always nice to get the views of someone else in the business. Stress has become so bad over the years. 20 + years ago people came to me and their stress levels were much lower than they are today. Very concerned about our young kids growing up with stress as the norm.

  11. Reply

    I hold my hands up – I do not manage my stress levels well – I lost all my hair by the time I was 24!

    this will help to teach me a thing or two about that, thanks for posting

    • Reply

      You are welcome, and I hope you use some of the tools on the site to really get your stress levels reduced and become more balanced. Thanks for sharing.

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