Stress Management for Finances and abundance!!

How do you overcome financial stress and lack of Abundance!

The hopeless feeling, panic, how are you going to survive and support me and my family?OVercome stress

Just over 4 years ago I decided I was going to move to be the ocean,  this was what I had strived for all my life and it was now or never.  The challenge was I had a good practice where I was and moving would mean losing my clients. Some I could convert to phone or video conferencing but most like that one on one face to face contact.  Having worked for myself for over 20 years working for someone else really was not an option, especially at my age, over 55 LOL 🙂  Babyboomer!!!!!

My point is whatever your age, gender or anything else, when your income depletes the effects on your mind and body are very real. Stress, Panic, Anxiety, fear and not feeling safe are all real feelings and all take a toll on your body.

Effects on your mind.

As I have mentioned before stress causes us to go into flight or fight mode. Our brain chemicals change and our mood changes.  I am not going into how the brain works at this time but suffice to say your mood changes and you get stuck in this downward spiral which if not addressed can change into depression and in extreme cases suicide. Overcoming financial stress is key to your moving forward.

What are these chemicals?

  • Adrenaline, this is the one that starts the fight or flight response.
  • Norepinephrine this is released from the Adrenal Glands
  • Cortisol this is the steroid hormone released from the adrenal glands

All of the above are real and logic and reason are no longer part of your process.  Therefore you cannot work out what it is you have to do to survive and get yourself out of the situation you are in.

What are some of the things you might do if you are trying to overcome your financial stress and your worries?.

You may do things you never ever thought you would do.Stress about finanaces

  • Steal
  • Cheat
  • Mortgage properties
  • Take out loans
  • Sell prize possessions
  • Suicide
  • Drugs/Alchohol
  • Binge Eating

I know what it is like because I sold some of my jewelry to raise money, I never thought I would ever part with it, I thought I would leave it to my grandchildren. Unfortunately, we just do not know what is going to happen to us.

When your brain is stuck it takes work to get out of that emotional state. Therefore overcoming financial stress or any other kind of stress can be very challenging. You must take control of yourself even though your self-talk keeps telling you it is hopeless and keeps trying to analyze and fix the situation. You have to change the chemical structure and stop the fight or flight syndrome.

Financial difficulties are behind a troubling rise in suicide among 40- to 64-year-olds over the past 15 years, according to new research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Is it worth it to get yourself into such a state, things work out if you only let go of the worry, relax and give your brain a chance to work out what needs to be done.  Instead of trying to just stay alive.

I know all the techniques and teach them to my clients all the time, but when I found myself in the same situation I did find that the default setting we tend to have is to worry and stress.  The technique that works for me,  is the following

  • I take a power walk to the beach early in the morning.
  •  I look at the ocean and immediately feel my body relax.
  •  I then openly give thanks for everything I do have instead of everything I don’t have.
  •  I then open myself up to whatever is good and true to come to me at the perfect time and for me to be open and receptive to receive.
  •   When I am walking back home I recite positive mantras.Tapping for Financial Success

This works for me, find out what works for you, in the meantime take a look at the video below it is fun and easy to watch.


How can you make your brain happy?   Dr. Sood puts it together in this fun video.

Please let me know how you feel after reading this post and share your own ways of being positive and keeping yourself stress and worry-free.  Please also press the share buttons and help others too.

Thank you.


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      • Reply


        This video speaks to me deeply. I’m a boomer and at a threshold, at 67, divorced, any family members died i past post divorce years, jobs were lost, homes lost, pets died, and one other sweet new companion pet arrived, thank God.
        There has been a raft of of changes and now the pathway forward is not clear.
        I often feel overwhelmed, now with scary health issues, and underemployed, I feel I have lost momentum in the passions that lit up my soul, and seemed to help others feel better, more expressive, and creative. Yes, it’s money stress, self doubt, complicated loss, grief, traumas, worry, hopeless feelings, and fears. I know i meed helped have had a hard tome listening deep within and riding hr dialogues and help to move forward,,It feel like unresolved grief, for a start.

        • Reply

          You are going through what a lot of my clients go through which is why I write these posts. If there is anything I can do do help please let me know, you can contact me and we can certainly work through this. You are not alone.

    • Reply

      You are welcome, financial stress is a biggy with a lot of people and I don’t think it is going to get any better with the world changing so much.

  1. EJ


    Hello Helen, you are dealing with a subject matter that seems to be continuously rising. Financial problems abound. Many have no internally developed skills to handle the worry, fear and all the other negatives that attack the mind in the midst of it. Knowing what to do before hand and practicing these positive ways of thinking will help. Thanks for a very simplified yet accurate video on how our brains function and how to help them stay healthy.

    I myself am developing my skills of controlling my thoughts and as often as possible, to be thinking the right things so it becomes automatic – my new default setting where it used to be fear and worry. It takes effort, but is well worth it. Thank you Helen.

    • Reply

      Always good to be able to control feelings and stress levels. Knowing which tools work best for you is the key. One thing works for one person but may not work for another person. Trial and error and depending on the stress level of the person will depend on what works best. Glad you have found what works for you EJ.

  2. Reply

    Great article. As someone who stresses a lot it is so important for me to find ways to alleviate the stress before it becomes a problem. I find a long walk in the woods usually helps me more than just about anything.

    • Reply

      Yes I find walking really helps me too. Getting away and getting out into nature. Relieving stress while walking helps to look at things differently when you get back to them.

  3. Reply

    Great blog! I love how you give lots of great tips and also have external links do people can get the definitions or concepts of what you’re talking about.

  4. Reply

    I had a similar situation when I decided to move my family much farther from my current workplace because the cost of living close by became much too high. I stressed about my new commute, about uprooting my family and as always, money. I wasn’t as fortunate to live close to the beach but I found other outlets to relax and relieve my stress. I hiked, biked and best of all, spent more time with my 4-year-old daughter. She definitely helps to remind me of the important things in life. Thanks again Helen for helping us keep everything in perspective.

    • Reply

      Children have a way of keeping us in line and making sure we know our values. Financial stress management is therefore key when we have kids. Always a pleasure to help.

  5. Jim


    Hi Helen. Are you a licensed therapist or exactly what? You sound like you know what you’re talking about. I have been under some major stress at times, as I’m sure we all have been. But fortunately, I’ve never needed to have any profession help. I’ve also never become sick from the stress. But I have had difficult times especially with finances. There were times when I didn’t make the greatest decisions, and it took a long time to free myself of the burden. And all the time, I felt the stress. I wish that I had property on a beach somewhere so I could take leisurely walks like you spoke of. I do live in a very beautiful part of the country though, where nature is all around me. That really helps, to come home and be able to enjoy the peace that only nature can give. Thanks for a very special website and for your insight, Jim.

    • Reply

      I am a licensed in Meridian Energy Therapies, Hypnosis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming to name just a few. Learning techniques that work for you is the best way to deal with your stress. Getting out in nature is very good for the soul no matter what type of nature it is. Thank you Jim for your comments and insights, please keep in touch.

  6. Reply

    This post hit home. Not too long ago my husbands company was doing layoffs and unfortunately my husband was one of them. We have small children…we were stressed, to say the least. However, we have always been told to keep positive and be grateful for what we do have. Things are starting to go in the right direction now, thankfully! Thank you for this post!

    • Reply

      So sorry to hear that, keeping positive can be a struggle but surrounding yourself with positive things, people and support. Thankfully things are going in the right direction for you.

  7. Kerone Scott


    Wow. I can say I am experience mild to moderate financial stress. But what gets me through is not only praying to Jesus. But thinking on ways to make the stress less

  8. Reply

    Wow, you’re amazing! The way I manage is try to do baby steps to reach my goals. This has help manage this stress at time. Other times, chocolate helps. 🙂

  9. Reply

    great video and great article, I sometimes go through these feelings and difficulty of financial stress. Thank you for this post and hope this reaches millions.

  10. Reply

    Hi Helen. Helpful and informative blog. I appreciated your personal story that you interjected. Stress is a very real thing for everyone. I truly enjoyed the video that also explained brain function in relationship to stress and injury. Thanks. Lainey

  11. Reply

    Hi Barb,
    A very good article, although that statistic is deeply troubling about suicides on the increase for people between the ages of 40 to 64 years old. Having suffered from anxiety and depression, I appreciate how difficult things can be sometimes. Loved the video about gratitude and compassion, nice touch.

  12. Reply

    Very good article Helen, and so very true. Like the old saying that says it is not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us that defines our lives. Really liked the video. It was so well done. The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous tells us that an attitude of gratitude is the only way to fly. Thank you!

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