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Overcoming stressSound Machine Noise, Yes or No?

Sound machine noise, why would you get one of these? I bought the sound machine HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa when I moved my office. I moved into an office which had very thin walls and another practitioner with a very loud voice.  I was not sure how they worked or how they would work.

When I moved into my new office it was stressful to say the least.  It was not ideal but it was a temporary move whilst waiting for my permanent office.   There were wood floors which were very noisy and it was also behind a retail store selling herbs.  Therefore there were a lot of people in and out with different levels of voice tones.

For my clients I needed quite for hypnosis and also a place they could know that other people could not hear what they were saying to me. I tried carpet in my office, playing meditation music louder than I would normally but I was still stressing that my clients would not be comfortable.  Then I decided to do some research on noise machines.  I decided on HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa and was hoping for the best.

I was amazed, what I did was put it on the floor outside of my office so that we could not hear the noise outside and they could not hear what my clients were saying.  I was now less stressed and could focus on exactly what I was meant to be focusing on – my clients.!!!How do you sleep at night

Now let me tell you how else you can use this to help you sleep.  I had to stay with my daughter for a visit and she lives in the city.  Not only does she live in the city but all around here condo building they were building 4 more high rise buildings.   They were working 24 hours round the clock.  The noise level of the workman, traffic and nightclubs and also the bright lights from the construction was to say the least not allowing me to sleep.  I then remembered my noise machine.  I put it on the window ledge and low and behold the noise was cut out completely and I could fall asleep and stay asleep.

There are different setting and also a volume control.  I like the white noise at full volume.  You can choose from:

  • Six digitally recorded,calming sounds:
  • White Noise,
  • Thunder,
  • Ocean,
  • Rain,
  • Summer Night
  • Brook

They are great for babies rooms to keep the baby calm and relaxed.  One of my friends uses it because he lives on the top floor of a condo building where all the air conditioning units are and he can hear that noise.   With this noise machine, he no longer has to worry about it.

It also has a timer for 15, 30 and 60 minutes and can be operated by battery or plugged into the electric.   Very good for traveling as you never know what noise is going to be around the area you are staying in.

If you are a therapist, massage, holistic or spa this is also a great way to relax your clients with the calming sounds or the ocean.

Price point is excellent the highest price being $24.99 but on sale it can be much less or if you buy from Amazon and you are a prime member it can be $19.49

Anyone having any issues sleeping would really benefit from this along with some of the natural remedies which I mention in a previous post here

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  1. Reply

    Wow, sounds like a great sound machine noise. I live in Medellin, Colombia and some parts of the city can be very noisy. I am constantly hearing the traffic, the people out late at night and the dogs barking. I could definitely use one of these here. Thank you for the thorough review and stories about it, it really helps to get a sense of the product.

    Also, the page overall is very well laid out with tons of information, helpful images and links to other posts and pages about your work and who you are. Very easy to navigate and well organized in spite of the amount of information you provide.


    • helenvella


      Thank you I am so glad you enjoyed the post and the machine is excellent you will love it and get a goods nights sleep also.

  2. Reply

    Great information, I never knew such devices existed, Where have I been Duh!, have a family member who suffers from stress, will point him to this site, I know he will thank me, and you.
    Best regards,

    • helenvella


      Thank you I appreciate that. Sound machines have been around awhile but I only found out about them from a friend too.

  3. Reply

    Hi Helen,
    I think a soundmachine is a great idea. When I go to sleep, I like to listen to an audiobook.
    But I think it is the same principle. Babies are taught to self-soothe and some do, but a soundmachine would certainly take out the guesswork and promote a restful nights sleep.

    • helenvella


      Yes I really love mine, anything that can help a child get a more restful sleep is always a bonus, thank you Leah.

  4. Reply

    This would be amazing for a new born! I used to play white noise from Youtube which chewed through my data. I actually even listen to white noise myself when I am trying to concentrate. I will have to give this machine a go!

    • helenvella


      Yes it is perfect for a new born you are so right. Also when you bring home a new puppy as well it is good for them also.

  5. Reply

    Sound machines are great! I live by a busy road so it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep with cars passing by in the late hours of the night. I got a sound machine and don’t hear the cars anymore and get a much better sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.

    I highly recommend people getting one if they live by a busy road or have sounds at night that disturb your sleep. You’ll definitely have a much better sleep!

  6. Jed


    Hello Helen,

    Wow! a sound cancellation machine. I thought it did exist but now I know it does. It can come in handy at times and the price is okay too. I will like to try that out. Thank you for providing this information.

  7. Reply

    I have a friend that works in NYC and when we talk on the phone all I hear is beating banging and sirens. I’ll have to send him over to check out your sound machine. He’s a lawyer so stress and concentration are very important!

    • helenvella


      Yes great idea, I love my sound machine for all sorts of reasons, it will definitely reduce his stress and help him concentrate.

  8. Joe


    I really want to try one of these sound spas. It’s so hard to find just the right thing for privacy and noise cancellation. There are sporadic low thumps where I am and when it’s quiet (it usually is) they are quite annoying. I wonder if it might help in this situation? Will have to try it and see 🙂
    – Joe

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