Signs and symptoms of Heart Disease, women are more at risk than you think

Signs and symptoms of Heart Disease are not always easy to detect.

Sometimes it is a Stress and Anxiety attack but are they all related and you can help yourself?Stress and hearts

Pain in your chest, pain in your neck, left arm pins and needles all the way down to your fingers.  You are having a heart attack!!!!!!!  You start to panic, what will you do, what can you do, the pain is getting worse, the symptoms are getting worse.   You decide to go to the ER after hours of tests, prodding and doctors opinions you find out that all you have is STRESS.  You are so relieved you are not having a heart attack……Doctor says, take it easy, manage your stress, take some time off.  You ignore all of this because you are NOT having a heart attack.

What is Anxiety?

Some symptoms can be different depending on the person but some of the signs are:

  • Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Sweating
  • irritable
  • Racing and unwanted thoughts
  • excessive worry
  • fear
  • insomnia
  • Rapid Heart Beats

What is Stress?

Symptoms of stress can be very similar to anxiety, there are other stress factors that can be easily eliminated such as social and environmental.

  • Low energy
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Worry
  • Frequently getting ill – colds etc
  • Rapid Heart Beats

How can you help yourself?

The obvious answer is to stop worrying and take all the stress out of your life.   Easier said than done. In my experience with my clients, it is impossible to just stop –  you need some tools to help and you also need an understanding of what is going on in your body.

When your body is in a stress or anxious state this it will then go into a flight or fight response.  This means that certain parts of your body do not function at 100%, for example, your digestive system.  Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D. explains this exactly in his book Biology of BeliefThe Biology of Belief where he explains how the Amygdala in the brain gets stuck and to de-stress this needs to get unstuck.

There are quite a few ways for you to release this emotional stress on your brain and your body you can do this yourself but in a lot of cases seeking a professional can be the best option.

Examples of how you can help yourself.

These suggestions are all well and good but there are practical things which also need to be looked at:

  • Living accommodations
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Health Issues
  • Family
  • Environmental
  • Social

Making a list of the things that cause you stress and anxiety is the first thing to start you off.   Once the list is made you can then start an action plan to see the areas in your life you have to work on, whether this is emotional, physical, environmental etc.

I find making a list of things causes you to have fewer things going on in your mind and therefore clears it up for some more positive thoughts.

Positive Influences

You have heard all this before, surround yourself with positive people, get rid of negative people in your life.   This is very true, but, not always a practical solution.  You can, however, manage your response to negative people and events in your life.   How you feel about things, stress, worry or get anxious is a choice you are making.  Yes, I know this is hard to believe but if you know you are making a choice of how you feel when you can choose to feel better. This is where mindful thinking comes into play.  You can change what is going on in your mind, there is a positive voice and a negative voice.  The one you listen to the most is the one who will make the choice regarding how you feel, react and act.

positive music

  • Listen to positive music
  • Read positive books, blogs and articles
  • Watch positive videos and shows
  • turn off the news
  • put current social events into perspective
  • limit time on social media platforms

Most of all recognize what makes you anxious or stressful the most and focus on changing whatever that is.

Symptoms of anxiety and stress can feel like a heart attack, always get it checked out by a medical practitioner and when they let you know that it is stress related then please take this as a warning that your stress and anxiety levels are very high and your body is functioning in a flight or flight response all the time.

Comments and questions are always welcome also share if you found this of benefit to you or others.  Thank you.

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  1. Reply

    Great article, very helpful!
    My experience was like this:
    After doing some heavier than normal work the previous day, I woke up around 2 or 3 AM feeling sickly and sweaty for about 15 minutes but then slowly felt better the next day. I ignored the symptoms and felt good for 2 weeks till the same symptoms occurred again. I called 911, was taken to hospital and had 4 stents put in around my heart veins. That was 4 years ago and am doing fine.

    • helenvella


      Glad to hear that all is well with you and goes to show you should not ignore symptoms, knowing your body is the best thing for good health.

  2. Reply

    Some really great advice here Helen, thank you! Working for yourself, can be kind of stressful when everything relies on you. I know I struggle with stress at times, the mindful thinking is very helpful though. I try to but this article was a great reminder. Also to just take a few minutes daily to truly relax, meditate, do yoga or what ever works best, is also a great reminder something I need to start doing again.

    I truly enjoyed your post, thank you!

    • helenvella


      Thank you so much for your comments and yes when you work for yourself and everything is you and you have to self motivate and find time to relax when you know there is so much to do it can get really stressful. Glad I was able to remind you to get your strategy in place.

  3. Reply

    This is a very informative post about stress, anxiety and heart attack Helen, i couldn’t have found it at a better time. I am a university student and at this time of the year i have exams and the whole process of preparation can be very stressful i worry a lot and have frequent headaches too. I will indeed apply some of the stress relieving methods that you mention. However you mentioned the symptoms of stress only, is there a medical definition for stress?

    • helenvella


      You may also like the post I wrote on Headaches and stress also. I think I cover the aspect of stress and how it relates to medical conditions. Stress is a very real medical issue and is caused through emotional responses and imagined responses. Thank you so much for your comments and input.

  4. Sofia


    I think I can say 99% of people stress or have anxiety. It’s unfortunate but people think it is the normal way of life but it isn’t. People don’t or wont find the root of their stress or anxiety.

    That’s a problem, because many people have those symptoms you listed and over time long term anxiety and stress can cause even more harm.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Reply

      I agree with you Sofia stress over long term does cause a lot of harm. If people deal with their stress when it is pretty low then they would be much happier and healthier.

  5. Reply

    This is an excellent post and I thank you for writing it. I worry so much about stress- mine, and my family’s. I know that’s counterproductive and now I’m doing my best to be more mindful and let go of what I can’t control and deal with the things I can. ?

  6. Angela


    I really enjoyed reading your article here. It certainly gives me so much to think about and the things I have to do in my life to make positive changes and to eliminate the stressful times. I deal with heart issues on a daily basis. So I will bookmark this and come back and visit again

    • Helen


      Thank you so much for your comments. Look forward to hearing back from you again. Helen

  7. Reply

    This is a great post, I know I need to do more yoga and meditation, just have to fit them into mt schedule and I love Bruce Lipton’s work as well, I’ve been following him for years and it’s so true what he says …we can reprogram ourselves and our bodies through thoughts and belief…thanks for the post

  8. Reply

    Hi Helen! I found this post motivating. At times I have suffered from anxiety and I never thought about creating a list of the things that actually may cause my anxiety. I am going to do this in hopes that it will clear my negative thoughts and leave room for more positive thoughts and make me aware of the situations that are causing my anxiety. Thank you for this wonderful tip!

  9. Alanna


    Hi Helen. Stress can manifest in so many different ways. I found meditation many years ago and found it to be a great stress reducer. Things just don’t bug me like they used to. Thanks for the great article! Alanna

  10. Reply

    All my life I heard warnings about stress and anxiety. I never paid much attention. Your definitions of the possible systems a person can experience from stress and anxiety are frightening.

    About 4 years ago I was experiencing most of these systems and did not know why. I instinctively started living a Minimalist Simple Living Lifestyle and I am doing GREAT!

    Thanks for your article and wonderful information. You have inspired me to seek more knowledge on the affects of stress and anxiety.

    • Reply

      Yes it can be frightening but that adds to the symptoms. Now you are aware you can de-stress easily. I will be adding more posts with “How to” in the days to come. Thank you for your comments.

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