Setting Boundaries for Stress Free Lifestyle!

Setting Well Thought Out Boundaries

You hear it all the time – “you are crossing my boundaries”


Well – how do people know they are crossing a boundary if they are not aware of the boundaries you are setting in the first place?

Having balance and peace of mind you have to be clear about your boundaries in the workplace and in your personal life.

The most important boundary in my opinion is how people speak to you.   The tone of their voice, their orders/instructions,  are they degrading, or envoke violent behavior?

We cannot allow people to take advantage, we must set boundaries.   However many people do not even think they can.

Some boundaries you may consider:

  • Set time limits on meetings and phone calls
  • Have a great voicemail and out of the office on your email setting times when you will answer emails and phone calls.
  • Let family members know what you are available to do and not do so that you are not always available at their time schedule.
  • Be polite, firm, and fair.

You must stand up for yourself and accept only what is in your best interests, values, and beliefs and for your health, and your lifestyle.

No-one needs to put up with being put upon.

When I explain to my clients how to say NO, how to set boundaries of time etc they always say to me that it is like a weight off their shoulders knowing they do not have to say YES all the time and it is ok to let people wait until the time is right for them to be available.

This is so true in business and giving good customer service.   Good customer service is not always being there when the customer/client wants on their time schedule.  There has to be compromise and also understanding and respect for each other’s time.

Set your boundaries and stick to them.

People will treat you the way you teach them to.


Need help setting boundaries contact me: set up a strategy session.

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