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There are many good books out there to help with business, customer service, and sales techniques.  Some of you may be familiar with some of which I have spoken about before. This one has some great ideas for sales prospecting tools, easy to read and understand.  Applying these techniques will surely increase your business.

Jay Abraham Book Review

There is one book that was recommended to me years ago which I realized was very motivational.  In Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition, the program focuses on helping you spot the hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, and untapped resources around you, and gives you, and gives you fresh eyes with which to see and capitalize on them. You’ll also learn how to adapt and apply these tools to your unique circumstances to maximize your income, influence, power, and success.

Jay Abraham a trusted advisor to America’s top corporations and recognized as one of today’s preeminent marketing experts, Jay Abraham has created a program of proven strategies to help you realize undreamed-of success!

Jay Abraham

Unseen opportunities face each of us every day. Using clear examples from his own experience, Jay explains just how easy it can be to find and/or create new opportunities for wealth-building in any existing business, enterprise, or venture.

One entrepreneur took the concept of the ballpoint pen and refined it into a multimillion-dollar idea: roll-on deodorant.

Fred Smith of Federal Express took the methods that banks use for clearing checks to develop an overnight delivery company that has revolutionized the way we do business. Now, what have you seen– or are going to see– that you could take and turn to your advantage?

The first page of the book starts with………..The human brain is capable of understanding incredibly complex and intricate concepts.  Yet at times unable to recognize the obvious and simple.

True Examples

  • Ice-Cream was invented in 2000 b.c.  Yet it was thirty-nine hundred years later before someone figured out the ice-cream cone.
  • The modern flush toilet was invented in 1775, but it wasn’t until 1857 that somebody thought up toilet paper.

It all seems obvious when it is pointed out knowing what we know today. This book brings to your attention a lot of the obvious and helps put it into practical tools.

Getting everything you can out of all you have got, 21 ways you can out think out perform and out earn the competition.

Do you know your competition, how do you compare to your competition and how do you think you can out think and out perform them?

Jay Abraham

Top customer reviews

Jay Abraham is the most creative business genius I have ever heard. He is so wise and has so much knowledge that I can find value to add to my life and business on nearly every single page.

The ideas and tactics you will take away from this book is worth millions if you apply it. Timeless strategies and ideologies for any business.

This is the book that I gift to anyone in my life whom I care for and want to see thrive in life and in business.

It is packed with logical and pragmatic approaches. It is all about taking care of business and not being a timid, nice peddler hoping to get some sales tossed in your direction. I loved it’s wisdom and maturity in the stories. One of the five best I have heard or read in 30 years of consistent development. (Influence by Cialdini, How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, 100 Five Minute Lessons in Selling by Rodney Young (used for $1), Getting Naked by Pat Lencioni) I know no one asked, but you might have been wondering.

You will want to keep the note book handy answer the questions on paper and do the action exercises. It will improve your productivity show you where you are falling down and how to fix it.
If you own a business or in sales this is a must read if you are serious about being your business.
Fish Where the Big Fish Are
Personally, I love this chapter Jay explains how it is such a waste of time if you do not qualify your prospects.  He goes onto say why use a shotgun when you can use a rifle with absolute precision.  Focusing your efforts on the market and prospects that offer you the highest probability of payoff and you will always do better.
This book should be in everyone’s library if you are serious about growing your business not matter what size it is right now.

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  1. Blair villanueva


    Hello Helen,

    Lovely review! I’ve learned a lot and I want to read this further. Will check my nearest book shop for its copy.

    • helenvella


      You can never have enough knowledge and learning. Finding the time to read them all is the challenge. LOL

  2. Danay


    I’m adding this to my reading list. I’ve read Jay’s other books but not this one so I’m definitely a fan of his. Thanks for the review!

    • helenvella


      Yes I was surprised and really learned a lot from this book. I also advise my clients to get this book too.

  3. Reply

    Hi Helen, great review. This is what I actually need now to help boost my plans for the n”next big thing”. I have lots of idea and I think this will help me refine or reinforce it. I am looking forward having this. Thanks for the great tip =)

    • helenvella


      A great addition to your library and something to always refer back to, refining and reinforcing is something we should be looking at throughout our careers.

  4. Reply

    Awesome article Helen. I have heard of Jay Abraham but not of this book. It sounds like something anyone starting out or even if you have been trying for awhile could use. I will be checking into this for sure. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • helenvella


      You are welcome, it is a great book with lots of good advice and tools to use every day.

  5. Reply

    Thank you Helen. I know of Jay Abraham but not of this book. It sounds very good and I am going to have to have a closer look at that. Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemy and this book could open not only our eyes but maybe a few doors. Thanks again for sharing.

    • helenvella


      Opening doors is the one thing we do want to happen when we want to build our business for sure.

  6. Reply

    Powerful review; you’ve sold me on this book! My business needs just this kind of help, and as an entrepreneur and an inventor I’m very much inspired to pull off the next ice cream cone. It will be on my kindle before I turn in for the night. At $9.99, how can I deprive myself of it.

  7. Reply

    This seems to be a good book. I`m looking to open an online store, I have no previews experience and I think this book can help me a lot. Sometimes you have to forget what you know and start thinking out of the box to get results.
    Thanks for the info.

    • helenvella


      Always good to get another’s point of view and also good to read and enquire to find out you are on the right track also.

  8. Tom


    Hi there, nice post. I’ve always been interested in sales and how to be more effective. I like your post and how it encourages to think outside the box and use different techniques.

    • helenvella


      There is always something new to learn and learning from others who have succeeded is another asset.

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