Panic Attacks Treatments -Anxiety Attack Treatment

Panic Attacks Treatments and Anxiety Attack Treatment, finding the natural and easy remedies is something more people are looking for due to the increase of stress leading to Panic and Anxiety.

Ending panic and anxiety is what almost 40 Million people are lookAnxiety Attacksing for.

Data from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests the prevalence of anxiety disorders in the U.S. — which include generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and panic disorder — may be as high as 40 million, or about 18 percent of the population over the age of 18, making it the most common mental illness in the nation. I also deal with a large number of pre-teens who also have panic attacks due to the workload of homework and also bullying plays a big part in stress.Manage Stress

According to research , anxiety has also surpassed depression as the most commonly diagnosed mental health problem among college students, with more than 50 percent of students visiting campus clinics reporting anxiety.

In colleges, they are testing out the new app called TAO Counselling Services which in my opinion is amazing to help students with panic and anxiety attacks.  I have treated many college and high school kids that were going through anxiety and panic attacks.  The stress of tests and presentations were one of the reasons for these panic attacks.  The rates of suicide can be reduced if this tool was available throughout all schools and colleges.  Let’s hope this goes worldwide.

Some Symptoms of a  Panic Attack.

  • Shortness of breath
  • Pains in the chest
  • Wanting to run away
  • Wanting to hide
  • You might think you are having a heartache
  • IBS
  • High-Stress levels
  • High Blood Pressure

Things to Eliminate which may Help Panic and Anxiety Attacks

  • Artificial Sweetener
  • Food Additives
  • Too much cell phone use
  • Exposure to toxic mold
  • Shallow breathing
  • Sugar
  • Processed food
  • Dairy

“Several parts of the brain are key factors in the production of fear and anxiety … scientists have discovered that the amygdala and the hippocampus play significant roles in most anxiety disorders.

When it comes to breathing make sure you are aware if you breathing is deep or shallow.  Be aware to take deep breaths often throughout your day, especially in stressful times.

Panic attacks are a build up of stress and repressed emotions. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques is a great tool to use every day to reduce stress but also use for panic attacks.    This can be done alone or under the supervision of a qualified therapist. By doing so, you reprogram the way your body responds to emotional stressors. Recent research has shown that EFT significantly increases positive emotions, such as hope and enjoyment, and decreases negative emotional states, including anxiety.

Panic attacks are real and as I already said it is becoming more and more prevalent because of the stress we are all put under in today’s world.  It is affecting production in the workplace, time off through stress-related illness and affecting relationships.

Getting to the source of the stress which leads to the attacks is crucial, do not leave it unchecked.

Love to have comments on your experience.

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  1. Reply

    Great article! My husband and I both suffer from anxiety. A few weeks ago I got a call from my 14 yr olds school nurse saying she was having an anxiety attack. I asked her if it was legit or if she just wanted to come home. The nurse said it was real she could tell bc so many teenagers have anxiety issues these days. I was crushed to find out she would be dealing with this for the rest of her life.

    • helenvella


      She does not have to deal with this at all. The techniques I mention get rid of the attacks and also give you tools for the future to calm stress levels in anticipation of panic attacks. No one has to live with panic attacks or any other kind of attacks.

  2. Reply

    It is very interesting what we can do to help ourselves. I have not really suffered from panic attacks, except on a couple occasions. One was right after starting a new med for anti-depressants, and the next was after losing my uncle and then taking on too much responsibility and worrying about my mom who was traveling. Those were scary enough and they weren’t full-blown attacks.

    • helenvella


      They are very scary especially when it is the first one. I hope you have some tools now to help you through if you should encounter a panic attack again.

  3. Reply

    I’ve had a few panic attacks as well as friends who have suffered from more serious ones. I can definitely refer them to this page as it’s a great source of information! I didn’t know all those things that could contribute to panic attacks including too much cell phone use. That one might be hard since most of us are stuck to our phones these days and would be lost without them 🙂 Thanks for the great article!

    • helenvella


      Thank you, I hope you have some tools now to help you through your attacks. Remember I can also help anytime you want to have a session.

  4. Reply

    Very interesrting post. I havent had a panic attack but I know some people that they had some and from what I heard it is really bad experience and its good to know something else about it to share with people and try to avoid it at all cost thank for this info and keep with this good job thank you

    • helenvella


      Yes they are not fun and can creep up on you at anytime. Glad I could enlighten you.

  5. Reply

    I wasn’t aware that panic attacks are so common.
    I always imagined it as something that is quite of an end case, and that the numbers are much low.
    The fact it can happen to very successful people (which are usually more balanced in their thinking) really surprised me.

    The fact that it’s so easy to reduce the attacks, and yet people aren’t aware of that is also surprising.
    You are doing a really important work, Helen!

    • helenvella


      There are so many panic attacks now with stress levels being so high at such a young age, when people start looking at the children and making sure they are ok then we can have more balanced adults in the future.

  6. Reply

    Hi, great post 🙂 I am an Aurvedic practitioner myself and agree diet has a huge influence in our mental health. I can wholeheartedly recommend removing refined sugar and processed foods from your diet as the first step to eliminate panic attacks. I have also found that regulat meditation practise offers benefits for people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks!

    • helenvella


      Agree totally, refined sugar is very unhealthy for you. Happy to hear what you do and so glad you are doing it.

  7. Reply

    Hi, Helen!
    Merry Christmas! Great site and great post about panic attacks! You know that the numbers do not lie and it is obvious that panic attacks are the dominant mental disorders! You are talking about the US but I am talking about Greece too! You see I am a clinical psychologist and to my experience panic attacks seem to have the precedence among mental disorders! What is interesting is that young are most affected by anxiety disorders and demonstrate bizarre and sometimes psychotic symptoms! It is important to deal with the symptoms as soon as possible since they might be dangerous for the physical mental integrity of people! Thanks very much for sharing this useful information!
    Best wishes,

    • helenvella


      It is so true Rebecca, and it is sad to see the young kids suffering from Panic Attacks and so much stress.Like you I see it every day with my clients and I have watched the stress levels increase over the years since I have been practicing.

  8. Reply

    Hello Helen,

    Though I have never suffered from panic attacks I enjoyed your article. I was able to take some pointers for stress release. It’s amazing how many people suffer from this but yet how little it’s discussed. I cannot say that anyone of my friends has talked to me about this. I tend to make sure I release through talking, removing myself from a stressful situation or just thinking about it and working my way though just to not get to a point of a panic attack. For those who cannot do this and suffer there is a wealth of information on your site and within your post. Great page. Thanks for contributing to helping people get through their panic attacks or finding a way to learn and understand how to mitigate how often they occur.

    • helenvella


      Thank you. Yes stress is so predominant in society all over the world today and I cannot see it getting any better. We really should be teaching stress management tools in schools at a very young age.

  9. Reply

    Love this post.
    I am sure that many people can relate to this article.. I am not sure if I ever had a panic attack. I used to suffer from social anxiety and I had realized that from time to time I got extremely sweaty and trapped inside my head.

    The solution for me was meditation. It takes a lot of effort and time but the results are undeniable. It works 100%.

  10. Reply

    It’s been a lot of years since I have had a panic attack but I am glad to know some techniques to deal with it should it ever occur again! I thought your video offered some very sound advice and I had never heard of tapping to prevent panic attacks. I just had a nervous breakdown after my panic attacks ran rampant. Got my head back together and have been fine ever since. The information you shared sounds like it could keep people from deteriorating to the point I reached before getting treatment. Great service you offer here. Thank you for that!

  11. Peter Mantu


    Hi Helen,

    This is one of the most detailed and interesting post I have ever come across which helps people with panic attacks. You have certainly put a lot of work into this and I hope it helps others as intended. All the best to you.

    • Reply

      Thank you so much. I have been seeing an increase in this type of thing with my clients and therefore want to help as many people as possible.

  12. Reply

    Hi Helen, this is a very interesting and informative post. Unfortunately a lot of people suffer with this and it is good to know there is help available. Well done!

    • Reply

      Thank you Sharon I agree there is a lot of help out there and I have seen so many changes in the last 25 years and more and more panic and anxiety attacks happening. Best to know your friends and family and find out how much stress they are under.

  13. Reply

    Hi Helen,

    Thank you for this post. It’s very important stuff, in my opinion. It feels as if we’ve created an over-processed, over-driven society that has trained itself to keep the engine pegged and then wonders what’s up when the system crashes. Life will deal us its share of stresses on its own, which can be managed naturally. But you’ve given some clear examples of how we tend to toss fuel to the fire with foods we eat and habits we have.

    I had a couple of panic attacks early in my career. I remember feeling almost completely incapacitated. I couldn’t do anything. I feared I was having a stroke. But I’ve since seen others go through attacks MUCH more severe than what I endured. It’s serious business, and what you’re doing is going to help a lot of people. Keep it up!

    Best wishes,


    • Reply

      Yes Kevin it is serious and if people would take more care of their stress levels it would not get to the panic stage. There are ways to handle stress which are easy to use. In my posts I hope to be able to help people get through their anxiety and panic.

  14. Reply

    Would you say that there are various levels of panic? I know that I get into a right state when I have to do any public speaking, deep breathing seems to help, EFT might be the way forward for me though.

    • Reply

      Yes there are different levels of panic starting with anxiety and leading up to a full-blown panic attack.Deep breathing is excellent.Public speaking is a big one for many people and I have helped myself and others get over it using EFT and NLP. EFT will definitely help you I am sure.

  15. Reply

    Some very interesting points, which really do need sharing. It is tragic how many suffer, when the answers can be relatively simple – with the right guidance. When I use the word simple, I do not mean easy!

    • Reply

      Yes I understand simple does not mean easy. Just using something to reduce stress is a start for reducing panic attacks and ending them for the future of your health. Thanks for your comments.

  16. Reply

    18 percent is a high figure. When panic disorders affect teenager or kids, parents ought to take a serious note. Most teenagers don’t know how to handle emotions well, and in worst case, results in suicide. That’s really sad when it can be prevented.

    • Reply

      Yes it is frightening the amount of teenage suicide, which I am constantly reminding people to keep a check on their kids emotional state and really listen to what they are going through.

    • Reply

      Hey Kenny! =)

      I completely agree when you say most teenagers don’t know how to deal with emotions, because i certainly didn’t, at least not in the best way. I just suppressed the anxiety and the cork popped later on.

  17. Reply

    Hey Helen =)

    Very Interesting post!

    I suffered from hundreds of panic attacks during my years with anxiety.

    The turning point for me was realizing that panic attacks are completely harmless and that it’s our fear of them which perpetuates the fear cycle.

    There’s never been a reported death of someone dying from anxiety/panic attacks and this is what really changes the perspective and helps many people recover.

    Thanks for sharing =)

    • Reply

      Very true. I treat a lot of people with the fear of the panic attack, or the fear of recurring migraines. We live with so much fear and stress all the time, if we treated each piece as it was happening then it would not build up. I am glad you found your way to deal with it.

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