How to use social media for marketing yourself and your business

How to use social media marketing for your business is such a very big question asked by many including me.
Best ways to use social media for business
What social media platforms to use, why should you use them and how do you track the results?

I know I have been trying to figure this out for more years than I care to remember. Every day you hear and see different ways to use social media, where to post, what to post and what times to post. I think I have taken every training course, read every blog and watched every Youtube video.

What works best for you and your business?

I really like the professionalism of LinkedIn which I have been using for years on and off.   I used it every day when I had my business in London then when I started traveling I stopped using it as much.  I noticed that when I started up my business again when I got to Florida my LinkedIn profile was very much out of date.Using LinkedIn for business

I immediately started to look at what had changed in the media world of LinkedIn and proceded to change my profile and get active again.  This is one of the platforms that I think is the best especially if you join some of the groups and interact with them.

It is also a great place to give and get referrals which is the mainstay of your networking referral strategy and if it is not then I suggest you take another look at it.

What do you think about Facebook more for social media than business you may think?  However, you can have a business page for your business, plus a store, events and so much more now on Facebook.   Using ads on the site can be very beneficial but I would suggest you take some advice from a professional marketing company or person or take a course so you can get the results you think you would like.

One person, I like to listen to for some advice is Neil Patel he does very short and to the point videos if you like the longer versions then check out his blog as well.

Perhaps you are into videos for your marketing which is the big thing right now, Youtube is another social media site to use and again I started using this about 7 years ago and then stopped using it.  As you can see I only have a few subscribers which I am now trying to expand as I am getting back into it again.   I saw some great training here where I go for most of my training especially to do with my website and blogging.


With social media platforms like Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Redditt and so many more, can you successfully be on all of them at the same time?   I find being on 2 or 3 consistently is the best way for me but if you have the budget to pay someone to do it for you then you can be on many platforms at the same time.

What do you think is the best way for you to market yourself and your business on social media?  I would love to hear your success or challenge you are facing.

Using social media for marketing.

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    Very informative piece. I particularly like Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s easier to get to a wider reach of people. Instagram is amazing too. I realized quite a great number of people use IG per day and it would be a great way to get to your target audience.

    • helenvella


      Instagram is pretty good if you are really good with your phone and uploading. I find myself that using social media on other devices are so much easier. Then thats just me LOL

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    Thanks for this information. I am just starting to learn how to use all of these different platforms.I am leaning toward Pinterest. What is Stumbleupon? Thanks again

    • helenvella


      Stumbleupon is another platform where you can share your blogs and posts very similar to Google +

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    I love to use LinkedIn and Pinterest and have recently started using Google+ for marketing. I think it is better to concentrate on 2 or 3 of these platforms rather than spreading oneself too thin by trying to get them all. What do you think?

    • helenvella


      Totally agree if you spread yourself too thin then you spend all your time trying to keep up with it all. So agree with you.

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    OMG. Super informative! I own a blog and am in the generating traffic stage. I love social media and am just learning how to use it. This blog is definitely going to be helpful for me going forward! Thanks so much.

    • helenvella


      Glad I was able to help, there is so much to learn and you can never stop learning. It changes so much you have to keep up with it all.

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    This is extremely useful information! Thank you for providing it! I’ll be coming back again & again to keep learning more about it!

    • helenvella


      Thank you, I am so glad you found this post useful. I try to share things that people would find interesting. Thanks again.

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    I have personally used Facebook ads. It really is good one and makes much easier for users. The dynamic ads are really good. I’m getting enough visitors but no sales on my website.
    Not sure what’s wrong with my website.

    Instagram also offers nice platform for marketing. It’s organic reach is very good.

    • helenvella


      Interesting I too have used facebook ads but not had much success with them yet. Instagram is also good and again I have not had much success with that either, but Instagram is not something I have done consistently yet. Thanks so much for your feedback.

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    I have not joined LinkedIn as of yet, but I do have a twitter, Google +, and Pintrest account. I think after reading this and doing some more research I plan on getting on LinkedIn. Thank you for the post.

    • helenvella


      Glad I was able to bring this to your attention. LinkedIn is a great platform for some but all social media sites are successful in their own way, it is finding the one that works for you.

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