How to Achieve Work Life Balance! Life Work Balance Tips

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance is it really possible?

How many hours per day do you work?  Is it 8 – 10 -12 – 17.  Just sit for a minute and work out how many hours you have worked in the last 7 days.

Did it surprise you to find out how many hours you did or did not work?

How do you create a balanced life?

I, like many of you reading this post work for myself. Therefore it can be a challenge to restrict myself to a set of hours and stay motivated and on task.

Like all self-employed I do many tasks to run my business.  I see clients in personTips for Work Life Balance and over skype, I write books, I blog and I research.  Therefore for me, there is never enough time in the day to get everything done, especially if I am in the middle of being creative I do not want to stop.

Do you work in an office?

When you work in an office and turn up every day at a certain time you also finish at a certain time.  Does this mean you have work-life balance?  No, it does not because how many of you take work home with you? How many of you stay late or get in early?  What is it that drives us to keep working all the time?  Is it MONEY according to a study

 “People have three psychological needs – to feel autonomous, to feel competent and to feel related to others,” he says. Payment, according to Deci’s research, does not fulfill these needs. Over-emphasis on financial reward undermines autonomy and therefore intrinsic motivation, he says.“This [negative effect of money on motivation] matters hugely. You need high-quality performance from bankers. You need thinkers, problem solvers, people who can be creative and using money to motivate them will not get you that.”

So what keeps you at work when you could be home with your partner, spending time with your family, going out with friends, going to the gym or for a walk?

How to achieve work life balance

  • Do you work shifts?
  •  Are you up very early in the morning and then finish work middle of the day?
  •  Do you go home to bed?
  •  Do you go home and watch tv because everyone else is at work or at school?
  •  Do you have work-life balance?
  • Do you work for yourself?
  •  Do you spend every waking hour thinking about work or actively doing work?

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is key to success in work and business and also in your health and well-being.

Here are just a few tips that might get you thinking about how you can achieve a better work-life balance.

Be present, if you are spending time with family, friends or are in a social setting, stay off your phone, do not check in to see what is going on at work (unless you are on call).  Giving your whole self to the people you are with releases stress and bonds relationships.How to achieve work life balance

Prepare a schedule, if you work for yourself especially, prepare a schedule to make sure all your relevant tasks get completed and not forgotten. Especially if you are working on a computer it is so easy to get sidetracked onto social media or reading articles instead of actually being productive.

Set alarms for when you start and finish work, set time limits on tasks to be done so you fit everything in. This works whether you work for yourself or someone else.  You still have to time manage.

Make plans with family and stick to them, remember if you make plans to meet with family or friends stick to them, if you keep breaking them to stay at work or finish a project or just finish this last thing, your relationships will suffer, your health will suffer because you are getting stressed over work and the fact that you are letting people down.  Guilt then sets in and performance levels actually will decrease as you are not fully present.

Stick to your values and beliefs do not let anyone make you do something against what you really believe in.  No matter who it is.

Respect boundaries, make sure people know your personal boundaries for times you are available for work.  If you continually answer your text, email or phone immediately you receive them then the person sending them to you will expect you to do this all the time.  People will treat you the way you teach them to.

Understand what really matters, what really matters, is it the $$, is it the recognition, is it your insecurity.  What are you working for? Are you enjoying what it is you are working for?  What really matters to you?

Pace yourself, working with a schedule, using time management techniques and Tips for work life balancesticking to them will help you pace yourself. Deadlines have to be met no matter what industry or niche you are in therefore prepare for those deadlines.  Also, prepare for the unexpected!

Learn to say NO, it is so easy to say yes to more work as you could do with the extra money or extra recognition but if you say yes to everything then you can get overwhelmed, overworked and then you really do not have work-life balance at all.

Build downtime into your schedule, always fit in exercise, meditation, reading, walking or whatever makes you feel good into your schedule.  If you do not do this then you will never find the time to do the things that keep you in balance and in good emotional and mental health.

Know your employer’s policies, knowing your employer’s policies will help you understand what is expected of you, when you know this then you can figure out how you can achieve work-life balance easily.

Working for myself I have found keeping a schedule and a calendar is key to me being productive and motivated.  I list what I have to do on a daily basis, then I split it into blocks of time.  I try not to get distracted from the task at hand.  Does this work all the time, of course not, life happens?  Most of the time the schedule works and I feel How to achieve work life balanceless overwhelmed and more motivated as I can see what I have achieved.

It is said that the happiest people are the busiest people.  People who have nothing to do get bored and then get stressed.

What are you going to do right now to change so you can achieve work-life balance?

There are some great insights in this article from the Harvard Business Review

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I hope you have enjoyed my tips for better work-life balance please share so that others may benefit from these tips also.

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54 thoughts on “How to Achieve Work Life Balance! Life Work Balance Tips

  1. This helps so much! Thanks for all the great advice. I am working to go full time with my blog but I seem to struggle most with actually getting stuff done. This post is full of great advice!

    • Glad I was a able to help a bit. I have the same challenge which is why I really try to stick to my schedule so I get things done and stay motivated. Work life balance is not always easy to achieve but giving your best shot is all you can do.

  2. It is certainly a challenge to achieve work-life balance. Especially when you really like what you do. I find that scheduling everything gives me a clear view of where I need to carve out time for myself and the family. But I still struggle with it.

    • I agree that is what I do as well sometimes I get distracted but for the main part I stick to my schedule to get everything done and keep me motivated.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Trying to find that balance is a challenge. I’m going to try to follow my calendar and office hours more this year. Sometimes I get side-track because of a new app or twitter but I’m learning to block it out and stay focus as well.

  4. Thanks for the great article. Just like you, I am a freelancer and travel blogger too, and I oftentimes find myself work very long hours. Last night I returned home at 9pm from dinner with my friends and worked literally till 11:30 pm. I woke up this morning and thought this is crazy, because I am suppose to be in bed around 9:30pm. But never in my life I am so in love with what I do and that is possibly what drives me to work at the dead of night.

    I need to set a alarm for myself and balance out work and sleep. It is so important!

    • Being passionate about what you do does keep you motivated and inspired to work all hours but as you say you really need to get rest to ensure you keep healthy. Setting alarms is a great way to be reminded and disciplined.

  5. Following these sorts of tips is incredibly important to me as I work from home as a blogger. Too often I find myself distracted and wasting time as I am not accountable to anyone but myself. Scheduling is SO important!

    • Me too, that is why I have set up a schedule. So easy to get side tracked when you work for yourself especially at home.

  6. I wrote a very similar post to this recently. As a blogger who also holds a full-time job and travels full-time, I agree that it’s essential to create a schedule, set alarms, and make sure to leave time to be healthy and be with loved ones.
    There will always be more work to do tomorrow!

    • SO true there is always work to do but you can never get the time back with your family especially your kids, you can miss so much of their lives if you focus on work all the time.

  7. I never achieve work life balance. When I hang out with my friends I forget all about other things and never take care of my responsibilities. And when I work I neglect my social life.
    I think it is who I am but lately I try changing it. If I feel “comfortable” do you think is it logical to change it or should I consider other solutions for work life balance?

    • I think you should consider more balance so that things are more even for you and you do not spread yourself to thin. The schedule works a treat especially if you keep it on your workspace so you can be reminded of what you should be doing.

  8. Ok this time is coming to me in the most appropriate time… i am sitting in my laptop for 10 hours now… and maybe i must start to thinking your words…. i need balance… thanks for your tips 🙂

    • After 10 hours I really thing you would need to take a break and re focus on your planning LOL, hopefully this post has given you food for thought.

  9. These are great tips! When I first started working from home I tried balancing my life but a great mentor taught me I was going to drive myself crazy doing that! I quickly learned to integrate everything not balance and life has been way less stressful

    • Yes it can drive you crazy if you are not organized and disciplined. Not easy working from home especially as it is easy to get sidetracked. Excellent that you have a great mentor.

  10. Very nice post. I can see myself so many times in this post. Thanks for the tips. I agree that there are ways to keep your self balanced but sometimes a fall short. Time management is a challenge for me.

    • Time Management is a big one for everyone, there are so many distractions to take us away from the task in hand. There are several methods you can use for time management as I mentioned in the post.

  11. All of the points in this are so true and so very important to maintain the balance between work and home life. It is one thing that myself and my husband are always working towards. I’ve always said that while I enjoy my work, I work to live, not the other way round.

    • Excellent I am so glad you have decided what is important in your life it really makes for happy healthier less stressed people.

  12. I have a really hard time separating family time and work time. I tend to go towards the way of not having enough time in the day. I feel like I never get anything finished on time because there isn’t enough time. I feel like my family and personal life tend to be put on the back burner. Thank you for these tips

    • I hope you manage to reflect and really look at how you can incorporate some of the tips I mention for your to achieve a much better balance in your life. Good Luck

    • You are very welcome and I am glad I was able to give you some tips you can be motivated by. Thank you for your comments.

  13. I work from home or am on the road most of my work days with no set schedule. I also blog and have side projects too. With a family it is very hard to have those defined lines. Lucky for me I have a supportive spouse that helps plan too. Sometimes you just need a little reminder as to what the most important things in life are. My family provides that for me. Great article.

    • Thank you and I agree with everything that you have said. We all have so much going on our lives all the time sometimes balance is a challenge to achieve.

  14. I have to admit that I don’t have a work-life balance right now, but am working on it every day. I am doing more things I enjoy again, rather than immersing myself in my blog, business, and freelance writing all the time. However, being in the beginning stages sometimes that’s hard since you’re figuring things out, hustling, and trying to get clients/customers/etc. Thanks for this post, I am saving it to reference later as I’m sure I will need to read it again!

    • Thank you I am so glad I was able to help. Enjoying what you do is part way to getting balance as long as we do not spend all our time not doing the things we do not like 🙂

  15. Nice article. I like what you say about life management and all the points you list and how to apply them. Especially the one where you speak on pacing yourself. We all need to take time and smell the roses

    • I find pacing yourself the biggest challenge because you can get tied up doing something and spend more time than you should doing that one thing. I set alarms and time limits so I get a balance of everything.

    • Technology is something we are all tied to and from a young age. Achieving putting your phone down at 5pm and doing other things is a great idea. Thank you for your comments.

  16. I consider myself extremely lucky when it comes to my business- I live with my parents so I don’t have to cook or clean, I live on a sickness benefit so I don’t have to work to support myself and my business while it grows, but I honestly don’t know how stay-at-home mums do it! How do you keep a house going, raise children, and run a business at the same time!? How do you manage all of those? I have never been interested in raising children but I have a few pets and it makes me wonder if I’d need to employ a house cleaner or someone to help!

    • Being a single parent is a challenge but needs must and you muddle through the best you can. It is not always easy and it can also be lonely. Stay at home mums do not get enough credit for the job they are doing. It is full time 24/7 and the most underpaid job in the world.

    • Blogging can take up so much of your time because it is just not writing, it is all the other parts that go with it, SEO, images, graphics, sharing etc so you still must remember to balance this out so you can be effective and I am sure when you believe in yourself your dream will come true.

  17. This was some real food for thought. I especially liked the question you posed, “What are you working for?”. It made me think. I want to be financially independent from my parents. I mostly am, but independence is important to me. I don’t want to burden my loved ones anymore with my expenses. I have quite a few hidden disabilities so traditional jobs have always been hard. I am also self-employed, and that’s working out really well so far. I have big dreams. Thank you for motivating me. Reading this, I feel like I can do this.

    • I am so glad I was able to help because as you can see from my logo I love to inspire and empower people and if I can do that through my writing as well as sessions with my clients then that makes me happy. Good luck to you with your dreams which I am sure you will achieve with a great attitude.

  18. Hi there, thank you for this insightful article full of great tips! I am someone who struggles with work life balance the recent years, since I own 3 companies and tend to spend all my time doing work, never relaxing!

    One of my biggest challenges has been to learn to say no to the customers, even if it means a loss of income. Recently I have been trying to make more time not just for my family, but also for myself, as you say scheduling things in advance really helps!

    • Glad I was able to help. Sticking to the schedule is the main thing so that you do have time for yourself and your family. Also when you have rested you can then see the business more clearly as you have had time to step away and get clarity.

  19. This is so important. As a blogger I often don’t realize how many hours I work in. Week because I work from home. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s ok to take a break and “shut down”‘for the night.

    • Sure is Kelly when we work for ourselves we really need to have our schedule and take time for ourselves so we can rejuvenate.

      • Hi Helenvella, awesome post! I get so many tips here.Really, I suppose to read the this kind of post along time ago. Now, I just know why I have so much white hair when I still in my early 30. Perhaps the main reason is ” Balance” Do you have any other tips how to implement these tips effectively?

        Sure, I will come back for more information.

        • Yes I have several tips throughout the website about balance and creating a life you want to have. Also my sister website has great tips also. The full benefit comes from an individual plan which I am more than happy to help you with, as mentioned several times throughout my sites I give session over Skype.

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