Homework Help Kids in grade school – 7th grade, Good Years or Stress years?

Coping with kids in grade school and Homework.

13 year old overwhelmed and stressed with school and homework…….


7th grade seems to be the grade with the most work says a 13-year-old, she says I don’t have a life at all.

I get up at 6.00 am, in class at 7.00am, work until 3.00pm and then get homework which I do not finish until late in the evening –  Plus I have projects to do as well.  I don’t have a life!!!!Too much homework for kids

When it comes to spring break or summer break there is no break for me, more homework and more projects, do the teachers not realize I need a break to be a kid sometimes.  I am so overwhelmed and stressed and if I do not work hard at this grade then I will not get into high school. (says, my teacher)

These are the words of a just turned 13-year-old who is in gifted and advanced classes also a straight A student with awards and Principals honor rolls.

The highest rates of suicides for kids is 12 to 13 years old.  Is the school system adding to the stress and anxiety of today’s kids?

  1. Suicide rates among 10 to 14-year-olds have grown more than 50 percent over the last three decades. (The American Association of Suicidology, AAS)

Why do they have to get up at 6.00 am at such a young age and why do they get so much homework to do?

I am all for a good education but I have seen the load of homework these kids have from as early as 6 years old, I realize this teaches them responsibility, deadlines etc but shouldn’t the teachers get together and work out what each of them are doing and spread the homework so it is more even.

Spread the exams – have them start school later so they get enough sleep to be able to cope with the day.

When they get to 16 + then they should start school early, they seem to have it all mixed, the young kids have to be in school early and the older kids get to school later.

I also realize there are the kids who are over-achievers and have to have A’s all the time and put themselves under great pressure making sure everything they do is perfect.  This leads to them really being stressed and overwhelmed.

What is the answer,? the system is in place and probably very challenging to change.What can be done

On a daily basis, I am sure the teachers themselves could alleviate the situation by actually looking at workloads and making sure they do not all have their projects and exams at the exact same time.

The children could be helped by their parents and be taught coping skills for high workloads and long days.  The parents could also help by speaking to the school if they think the workload is too much for the kids.

Talk to the kids, find out how they are really feeling about life in general, some kids take life and their surroundings a lot more seriously than others.  You will never regret listening to a child and finding out how they feel and how they see their lives.


Don’t let this be your child, talk but most importantly – LISTEN

Most of the teachers I know are terrific at their jobs and I feel for some of them as their hands are tied because of politics and more.  BUT I also know there are teachers who are great teachers but forget the age they are teaching and the pressure they put on these young people.

I don’t profess to know all the answers but what I know is what I see first-hand from the kids and how these kids are coping in today’s world.

Please share so others may benefit, thank you.


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  1. Danay


    This is one of many reasons why I love homeschooling. My son attends classes in a university method where he goes to each class once a week and then works on his own until the next class. It prepares him for the real world and college much better than the public school system.

  2. Reply

    I did not know that about the suicide. So sad. My son who is now only 8 hated school last year because he had so much homework. Not to mention they took away parties because some might be offended. And if they do have a party it has to do with and involve common core. ugh. We have no one to blame though we as parents allowed this to happen. I have been talking for two years about going to Congress but have yet to do anything 🙁

    • Reply

      Yes something needs to be done and if you can do things on a local level and make an impact then it can go up the line. It will not happen overnight but every little bit helps on your local level.

  3. Blair villanueva


    There are kids who cant be pushed to do homework. Teachers should know other alternatives to make them engage to learning.
    Actually, there should be no homework, because it adds stress to kids.

    • Reply

      Totally agree, they have enough time at school and no time at home to do things to help them develop as individuals socially and part of families.

  4. Reply

    I absolutely hate homework. It’s a constant battle and I want my kids to have a chance to be kids and PLAY. They need social skills and play helps them process what they’re learning. The entire system needs to change.

  5. Rob


    Well said article. I totally agree with you. Kids from the age 10-14 should not be stressed out and have so much pressure on them.

  6. Reply

    My daughter is 6 years old and last month I was saying to my wife that the amount of home work and tests that my daughter gets seems way more than it was when I was in primary school. My wife explained to me that over the years the work load that at a child is getting is increasing every year and will keep increasing so I am not at all surprised about the suicide and anxiety rate in in this article.

  7. Reply

    I think it’s really sad that kids are made to take adult pressure before they are even teenagers. They need to be kids first, play out have fun mix with other kids outside of the school environment. They would grow up much more happier & probably enjoy life more.
    My daughter was kayaking at 11 years old. Something were she didn’t have to think of school work.
    She’s now 26yrs old with a sports management degree & training to be a paramedic.
    This is a great post that every parent should read.

    • Reply

      It is so depressing to see these kids working so hard and doing sometimes and 18 hour day every day. Adults at work don’t often do that and sustain good health. Something should be done to change the system.

  8. Reply

    I read that the suicide rates for school children in Japan are abnormally high. I believe they attend high-pressure schools all year long. As parents we know when something is negatively affecting our children and we act it.

  9. Reply

    When I was working in Singapore I used to feel sorry for the school kids who seemed to have every moment of their day scheduled. Then, when I returned to Australia, I found the same situation with my own grandchildren.
    Also, I have noticed that the celebrations we used to have after completing final year uni seem to have migrated to final year primary!

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