Herbs for Healing – How herbs can heal wounds and much more

Herbs have been used in healing for centuries but most people just think about using herbs for cooking or salads. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese really knew the Herbs for Healingbenefits of using herbs for healing

The spice trade of the 17th century moved the spices all around the world and more and more nations were finding how good herbs were for healing all sorts of ailments .

So what is a Herb, they can be dried or fresh grown they are used to flavor dishes but not usually the main dish, the more common ones used in cooking are oregano, basil, bay leaf, lemon balm, parsley, thyme and rosemary.  They are easy to grow and cultivate.

Herbs are found all over the world, some native to the area and some have been introduced, most people don’t study herbs and buy what is available at their local store, but did you know there are 90 different varieties of rosemary?

The medicinal purposes of herbs are no secret but it can be confusing to know what St Johns Wort for Depressionherb for what ailment and what quantities to use also.  For example, St.Johns Wort taken in small dosages can help with depression but in large doses cause toxic overload that can lead to complications for the body.

Mixing herbs and medications should also be looked at carefully to make sure there are no contra indications.

Herbs are packed with vitamins and minerals and you can now find them in most health food stores in supplement capsules and also liquid formulas.  There are so many herbs to choose from and all of them have healing properties of some kind, therefore I have listed some of my favorites below and their medicinal properties.

Ginger: One of my favorite herbs is Ginger, this herb is so versatile and can be used for many healthy benefits. Ginger has the extraordinary ability to fight inflammation is extremely beneficial for the heart where inflammation can lead to disease.

Cinnamon: This herb keeps your blood sugar under control, gets rid of bath breathe  with it’s anti bacterial properties it is helpful with fungal infections, and cinnamon tea is great for heartburn.

Lavender:  Most people know about the healing properties ofLavender for Dandruff Lavender you can use it for dandruff, sleeping, put on cuts and wounds as it has antiseptic properties.  Lavender tea is wonderful for an upset stomach.

Tumeric: I love this herb I use it when I make soups and put it all of my stir fries and it tastes really good.  You can use it to dye clothes in Asia and India they have been doing that for centuries.  SO when using it be careful not to get in on your clothes 🙂   Medicinal uses are phenomenal they have tested on mice for the prevention of breast cancer spreading and also combined with cauliflower reduces prostate cancer, it also stops the growth of existing tumors. Also beneficial for Alzheimer’s.  More about Tumeric

Chamomile: This is a beautiful flower and has a great aroma, it settles an upset stomach, drinking the tea calms anxiety and stress and helps with sleep if drunk just before bedtime.  Helps stops Diarrhea and also helps with tooth-ache.

Drying herbs is a great way to keep them for longer there is a difference in the taste between fresh and dried herbs, nothing like picking a basil leaf from your garden and putting it straight into your recipe.  There are 3 methods to drying herbs that I have found.

Method #1 Natural Air Drying

Herbs for healing

Herb Dryer

Herb Dryer

The best place to dry herbs is in a large room such as a pantry, closet or attic.  They can be an addition to your decor hanging to dry in your kitchen.  They need to be kept away from direct sunlight, moisture and frost as this compromises the quality of the herb. Make sure there is airflow.  Tie the herbs into a bunch and hang them upside down, small loosely tied bunches work best. Check the herbs every day to see how they are drying and if they need to be moved or need more airflow.  It takes about 7 – 10 days for them to be dry and brittle then you can rub them between your hands onto some parchment paper and then store them in jars for future use.

Method #2 Oven Drying

Air drying is by far the best but if you want the herbs quicker or you live where there is a lot of humidity then oven drying might work better for you.  Remove some of the stems and lay the herbs on a cookie sheet do not overcrowd them give them space.  Place them in the oven at the lowest setting but no more than 180 degrees.  You should not smell the herbs cooking if you do then the oven is too high.  It will take around 2 – 4 hours and then once they are dried follow the same process by rubbing them through your hands.

Method #3 Microwave Drying

Microwave drying is fast and easy especially if you are drying a small amount of herbs.  Place the herbs on a paper towel and place in the microwave for 1 – 2 minutes check the herbs and check them every 30 seconds until they are dry and brittle.  The length on time will depend on how much moisture is in the herb.  It is easy to overheat them so remember to keep checking after every 30 seconds.

Quality of Herbs

How do know the herbs you want to take are of good quality.  The best way is to grow your own and then you know for sure.  If you do not have a green thumb or the space then research and check labels and information.  The more information regarding the Drying herbs for recipes and healingherb the more reputable the company will be.  Finding one that works best for you is the main factor in deciding which brand to buy. Getting recommendations from your health practitioner or other health professional who has studied herbs. Remember to check with your health professional before taking, changing or stopping any supplements, herbs, vitamins and medications.

Look for guarantees, where the herbs were grown, how they are dried and harvested and where the manufacture is from and do your due diligence.  Once you find a brand you like then you can stick to it.

The very best way is to grow your own herb garden then you can take charge of your health from a completely different angle.  Then you truly are using your herbs for healing.

What is your favorite herb and what do you use if for?

If you found benefit in this post please share with others so they may benefit also.

I beHelen Vellacame a writer, speaker and holistic life coach so I could make a difference by teaching from my personal experiences and also teaching a great empowering tool. My mission is to empower everyone to be their true self. if you want to find out more about me click hereBenefits of Lavendar

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98 thoughts on “Herbs for Healing – How herbs can heal wounds and much more

  1. Hello Helen, thank you for another informative post about herbs and spices.
    Taking the responsibility for our health is crucial as it is beneficial to us.
    I personally use most of those mentioned above at some time. My favourites spices are: nutmeg and cinnamon, (among others). I use them mainly for flavouring of certain drinks and porridge. I am aware they are both good for health and well being. As for herbs, again I love ginger and turmeric I use both for flavours, but I am also aware of the great health benefits they offer. So I accomplish 2 things at the same time by using them not to treat anything directly but knowing they will help my body

    • Exactly when we use herbs, spices and natural remedies we are helping our body heal itself even if we have nothing apparent wrong with us.

  2. I love your article, just as much as I love collecting fresh herbs and air drying them at the attic.
    I would add that one of the best remedies for healing wounds are:
    – Raw pressed honey
    – Raw milled extra virigin coconut oil
    I know neither of them qualify as herbs, but I tend to add real ceylon cinnamon to either and enhance it’s capabilities. It helps especially when an infection has set it.

    • You are so right honey and coconut oil are also very good for healing purposes. Nearly everything that is nature is good for healing something 🙂

  3. Ginger has the extraordinary ability to fight inflammation is extremely beneficial for the heart where inflammation can lead to disease. I cannot believe it with so much benefit. I think to start planting ginger at my garden.

  4. Thanks for an informative article! We’ve been growing our herbs for the last couple of summers and I’ve had such an overabundance in the fall. Your tip on microwaving for drying is excellent and never thought of that before! Now I can quickly tackle this job which I dread doing every year because we have so much and it takes so long!

    • Love to hear you grow your own, and yes the drying process can get tedious but if you have loads to do then the microwave can be your answer.

  5. This is great, I especially love the information at the end on how to find the best herbs. I’ve been hearing more and more about the amazing health benefits of tumeric, and have been adding a bit to my dishes lately to try to incorporate it into my diet more. It really tends to blend well (taste-wise that is) with almost every other spice I use.

    • Tumeric is one of my favorites and it has so many health benefits, I also take the supplement as well. Glad you have found this great spice.

    • Ginger has great healing properties and like you I have it everyday is some way in my diet. Tastes great as a tea with lemon too.

    • You are welcome, herbs are such an important part of our diet and not used enough for the healing process. Herbs for healing seem to have been forgotton.

  6. I love that you shared information about so many different herbs. I have used several of the ones mentioned in my cooking, but hadn’t really thought about their healing properties more than just in passing. I’ll have to step up my use!

      • I definitely agree, and I’ve been looking into some supplements for various things lately, as well as adding certain other herbs more purposefully into my daily cooking. I’ve also been loving cinnamon in my coffee.

        • Cinnamon is another great herb and I love it in my tea and also put it in my smoothies too. Has many health benefits.

    • Good to hear and I am so glad you dry your own herbs it is so easy and beneficial and at least you know what they have been grown in.

    • Me too use it every day and also take the supplements anything that keeps you healthy that is not a chemical is great in my book.

    • Yes they are true as herbs have been used in healing since time began and we really should get back to using them more. Thanks for your comments.

    • You are welcome, they are so easy to use and so easy to grow and dry. I am updating my herb garden which is on my patio as we speak

    • Yes most people know about the teas and cooking but not a lot know about the other uses. Aromatherapy is a great way to use some of the herbs as oils, very beneficial.

    • Glad to hear that I hope you share it with her. Herbs for healing is such an amazing thing when you know which herbs to use.

  7. There’s really nothing like herbs to do the trick. What I like about these herbs is that they don’t contain chemicals or anything like that that can potentially be harmful.

  8. I worked in the health foods industry for over a decade – I used to really enjoy studying about the medicinal properties of plants. This led me to start studying biology and I ended up graduating with a BSc (Hons) Life Sciences (First Class), all because of plants. Ps. with regards to St. John’s Wort it’s important to remember it’s photosensitivity effects, especially with summer coming up.

    • Excellent, I love learning about health and nutrition and am taking another certification in herbs as we speak. Never have too much knowledge. Thanks for your input.

  9. I grow a lot of herbs in my garden and would love to start drying and using them more for cooking. I never though about using some of these drying methods.

    • Thank you for that, there is so much more to herbs than just cooking with them. There are more herbs that I did not mention also.

    • Herbs for Healing is something that we need to spread more and more so we can get back to the natural way of healing instead of constantly using chemicals which are not good for our body all the time.

  10. I remember when I had INSANE dry sockets after my wisdom teeth were pulled… CLOVES were inserted every 2 days – it was pretty awesome to think how POWERFUL the herb/spice is!!

    • Herbs are more powerful than people give them credit for. Considering we have been using them since time began it should not really be a big surprise really.

    • Yes please do there are so many different herbs and I only mentioned a few, I will be updating with more in future posts too.

    • I have just finished another course on herbs and their healing properties to add to my tool box to help my clients, there is so much herbs can do for you.

  11. Herbs have so many uses, especially for therapy and for improving your health! It’s good to know that you can dry it in a microwave, that’s very helpful.

  12. I’ve heard so many things about the herbs that you mentioned above, especially Turmeric which is really big in the health industry right now. I really appreciate you sharing tips about how to use these herbs!

  13. I agree with you, we have to be careful when we mix herbs. And also the times we use it and the food we eat while we are on herbs treatment, because there are some foods that neutralized the effect and we end up doing just nothing at all. Thanks so much for the tips, i’ll have them in mind.

    • Like everything we have to check to see what we are doing. Too much of anything and mixing things up can land up being toxic to our liver and then we lose all the benefits we are trying to gain. Knowing what you are doing or asking advice from a professional is always the best way to go.

  14. this is such a great post! I love using herbs and spices for wellness before reaching for the medication. Peppermint oil is brilliant for migraines and I love turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties for the gut. Raw garlic helped get rid of my strep throat once (though it’s not the best taste!) and ginger for nausea is a great one! Plus they make cooking taste amazing!

    • You are so right with everything you said I wish everyone would take Tumeric as most disease comes from inflammation.

  15. Ginger is my fave among the list and is a staple in my home. Thanks for sharing tips as well on how to dry and pick good ones! Will bookmark and try them all

    • Thank you, I just love growing my herbs and watching them turn into a meal or something to heal with, Ginger is a great one which I do use a lot.

  16. Yes! I fell in love with homeopathic remedies when I took a 6 weeks rotations with my professor ! Nature is a powerful tool that people overlook easily!

  17. I definitely needed to read this. I love using herbs for medicinal reasons because they work and they don’t have so many side effects! I didn’t know a lot of these so I’m so glad you took the time to write this post. I will have to check out of a few of these! Thank you!

    • Herbs have got such great healing properties as I said they have been around since time began and we should trust in nature like we used to.

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