Elevate Series


There is a program for you!! Elevate Series of Group Coaching.

Have you always wanted to have a coach but wondered how you could manage it in your budget?  The first program in our Elevate Series of programs.

Well……..These programs are designed especially for you.

  Group Coaching and Accountability, through online and in-person live calls.

Coaching and accountability are essential for progress and success and not everyone has the budget for one on one coaching, therefore this is the perfect solution for you.

Our Elevate series of programs will give you the strategies you need to empower and inspire and align whilst holding you accountable so you reach your true potential whatever that may be.


Some of the programs are for 3 months and some are for 6 months. All prices shown are per month.


There will never be more than 10 participants so you get the personal coaching needed just for you.

  • Are you stuck in a rut?
  • Wish you could be living a different life?
  • Have you ever thought of what it be like for things to change for you?
  • You don’t feel you are good enough?
  • You think you are too old or not old enough?
  • Balance is a challenge.
  • You know what you want and don’t have the strategy or know-how?

There are challenges, decisions, and emotions that arise throughout our day and while we are nurturing, organizing, carpooling, running our business or career and everything else we oftentimes to do not focus on what is ME.

All programs highlight areas of strength in each individual and coaching and brainstorming will empower you to reach your true potential in all areas of your life.

You will achieve:

  • More confidence
  • Have a clear direction
  • Less stressed
  • More positive outlook and strategies
  • Deliberate Mindset

The program is designed for everyone whether you are a CEO, Solopreneur, Entrepreneur or a Busy Mom, young adult or senior.
You will learn practical principles enabling you to recognize your strengths in all areas of your life and relationships at home or in a work setting.

These powerful sessions are about unlocking and unleashing the forces inside you to break through limitations and finally create the life you want.Brainstorming

Far too many people spend their lives chasing after the wrong goals…

– They base their dreams and desires on “should’s”.
– The career they should have
– The amount of money they should be making
– The house they should live in
– The “toys” they should own
– The family they should have

I’ll share with you how to expand your life, give up excuses, and get more of what you want.  Two live Zoom calls per month included. We all have the ability to call more wealth, love, and abundance into our lives — but we need to become a deliberate thinker and clearly aware of our mindset.

Ask yourself is what you fear? Stop chasing success.

Are you ready to Elevate yourself to the next level?