Gluten Intolerance Signs – Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerance or allergy to wheat or celiac disease – what does it all mean?  Is this something new for doctors to sell more drugs or has it been around for years? Gluten intolerance signs vary in each person and the symptoms are many, so we are going to expore the signs of Gluten Intolerance.Gluten intolerance

40 years ago I lived in Australia, at the time the country was not highly populated and focused on health and wellness.   Life was full of fresh grown produce, farm-grown products and the emphasize on natural or organic products in all areas including shampoo, soaps, deodorants etc.   Remember did I say 40 years ago.

After spending 10 years in Australia I went back to the UK and within a very short time I became very ill.

 Everything I ate or drank upset me and I went from a size 4 to a size 14, never in my life had I ever been anything but a size 4.  My weight never fluctuated.   I therefore, went to a holistic doctor and found out I was allergic to nearly every food source there was.   The food I had been eating for the last 10 years was so pure and good I had not built up any resistance to the food I was eating now.

This food was full of chemicals, pesticides and more.

This was when I found out I was gluten intolerant, 30 years ago!!!!  So to answer your question – no – this is not a new fad, it is real and it is a problem for many.  However, I will add there are people in the medical profession giving out prescription medication when all that is needed is a change of diet.

I had to eat practically nothing except rice and organic vegetables until my body turned around. In those days there were very few gluten free products and if you did find any they were very expensive.

Gluten can cause leaky gut which is not pleasant but a lot of the time it causes the immune cells on the outside of the small intestine to affect the nervous system this causes headaches, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

What is Gluten?

glu·tenWhat are the symtoms of gluten intolerance

  1. a substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. A mixture of two proteins, it causes illness in people with celiac disease.

 So Gluten is found in nearly all products which contain wheat and a substantial amount of our food source contains wheat is some way.   Gluten can also be contributed in some way to Mental Issues due to the digestive system not working correctly and the right vitamins and minerals getting to the brain.

Also the skin, being the largest organ in the body, absorbs everything you put onto it into your bloodstream therefore you must check labels for shampoo, body lotion, soaps, deodorant, and skin care items.  Some body scrubs are made from wheat germ.  Check your labels.

What can be done for you?

What I do is eat organic vegetables most of the time.  When I had to re-visit what I ate due to the symptoms I was having,  bloating, feeling tired, pain in hands and feet.  Swelling all over the body, retaining fluid.  I decided then to become vegetarian with a little bit of seafood and fish from time to time.  I make sure I don’t eat processed foods.  It is easy to eat out, order salad with dressing on the side, you can be sure the dressing will have some sort of wheat or grain in it.  Most restaurants are used to vegetarians these days and have no problem serving steamed vegetables as a main course.   If youGluten Free Relaxing Chamomile Teas are like one of my friends who goes into shock when gluten is anywhere near her food then you have to be even more careful when eating out.

There are natural remedies you can take to help with symptoms, obviously remove Gluten from your diet completely.  Anti-inflammatory like chamomile and horsetail tea helps with any inflammation caused by any gluten intake.      I personally like Chamomile tea, good for so many good things.   Vitamin B is a good one to take to help the brain along with Omega 3.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself to find out if you have any food intolerance are:

  • I crave baked goods, pasta and other high sugar impact foods
  • After eating a big meal, I am hungry and crave more of what I ate several hours later
  • I head to the bathroom or step outside after a meal because of gassiness, bloating or other uncomfortable gut issues.
  • I eat all the right foods in moderation, exercise and still struggle to lose every pound
  • I need coffee or caffeine as a pick me up in the middle of the morning or afternoon.


Be always mindful of how and what you eat.  We are triggered to eat depending on our emotions at the time.   Being mindful will help you make better choices.   Be mindful that Gluten Free does not mean it is more of a healthy choice all round. Research shows some gluten free products have more calories, sugars, and fats. Also, in this research, it was shown that some replacement ingredients like rice contained large amounts of arsenic.

Mindfulness eating means making healthy choices, fruits, vegetables, and supplements if necessary.Healthy Eating

There are numerous articles, research, and blogs on this subject, what I always tell my clients, do what is best for you.  Your individual body has it’s own make up, blood type, digestive system and allergies.   You alone are the only one that can tell what is going on.

Make choices for YOUR body no matter what sort of health or medical practitioner you use.

I make sure I eat for my blood type which I will cover in other blogs, and for what is going on for me at that time.   Sometimes I eat things and they are fine and other times I can repeat that item and have an adverse reaction to it.

Know your body and eat accordingly.

Any and all questions and comments are greatly appreciated, please feel free to share with others if you enjoyed this post.


  1. Reply

    I know couple people who used to suffer from gluten and for along time did not even know it. They eventually saw a specialist doctor who asked them to track their diet for awhile….that’s how they found out they were gluten intolerance.

    Consuming too much processed foods and high level of inactivity does not help our bodies at all.

    I enjoyed reading your post & Thank you!

    • helenvella


      Thank you for your kind comments. Yes sometimes it can take awhile until you find out what it is that you body is reacting too.

  2. Rosa


    Hi Helen,

    You gave us so much information to think about our diets. It’s so hard to avoid gluten since it’s everywhere. Knowing what I just read, I’d have to keep in mind what we need to work on, changing our diet.

    Thank you for sharing this message.

    • helenvella


      It is everywhere but depending on how it affects you depends on how diligent you should be for the best of your health. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Reply

    I know several people who have problems with gluten and their symptoms vary considerably.
    The list of symptoms you mentioned could be caused by many things, but if you experience some of them, best get it checked out.
    Just don’t go to the doctor and tell him what you have based on a list of symptoms you found online – you will most likely get laughed at 😉

    • helenvella


      Correct, you need to know your own body and what it reacts to. I don’t think anyone goes to a doctor and tells the doctor what they have wrong with them I think that is the doctors job to do that. However getting an opinion from someone informed and looking at alternatives instead of taking medication is always something worth considering.

  4. Simlulan


    I really pity those who had suffered from gluten intolerance. Based on what the author has said, it is really quite sad for those group of people to stop eating food that contains wheat(i.e. bread, noodle, and even pasta). This is going to deprive them the chance of consuming their favourite food. Really hope that technology can advance further to help out these group of people.

    • helenvella


      Sorry to say that is not something that is going to happen anytime soon. It is caused through our GMO and how we grow things these days and the way the planet is going it is only getting worse our food source not better.

  5. Candida


    Thank you for this information. I have always heard that gluten free was the best but I never really new why after reading your post it is more clear now. I have some of the symptoms you have listed but I chalked it up to other thing but now I am thinking it is because of the gluten. I am glad I ran across you page thank you.

  6. Reply

    Great article. I have a good knowledge on proteins but i do not know about gluten. You have provided information which i can discuss with my students and colleagues. Thank You

  7. Reply

    I had many of the symptoms you talked about before eliminating carbs (grains) from my diet and I now I feel wonderful. Perhaps I was gluten intolerant and didn’t know it?

  8. Dan


    Fascinating story about your own troubles with gluten. I just started growing a garden this year and the vegetables smell and taste so much better homegrown than the vegetables sold in the stores. It’s just amazing. I could see why your body reacted the way it did when you moved.
    I didn’t know you can absorb it through the skin also. Great page, I learned a lot. Thanks

  9. Reply

    Great post Helen. My family and I are working our way off gluten. We don’t have any issues like you had, we just want to get away from it causing any in the future.

  10. Reply

    Just got back from a weekend family visit and got to spend some time with my amazing little 5-year-old niece, who cannot be anywhere near wheat. So we avoid gluten altogether. And she is a happy, content, amazing person. It certainly has made me more mindful of what is in our food, and have been choosing differently as a result. Blogs like this are a terrific resource. Keep it up!

    • Reply

      Thank you for your support. It would be so much more helpful too if parents were to take more notice of what food the children eat these days. Thank you.

  11. Reply

    WOw that’s amazing. It feels like what were eating is pure poison compared to other parts of the world – Our bodies are just used to that poison. Its actually pretty sad if you think about it that way haha.

  12. Lee


    Thanks for this post . My husband has diabetes type two but also has had stomach problems for years that causes him more grief. I was reading some of the symptoms you suffered and he also has them I am going to get him to focus on becoming gluten free . I am sure this is going to help. Lee

    • Reply

      I have been diagnosed with celiac disease. I was tough at first but it has gotten easier. I found when traveling to Malaysia I was able to eat anything and had zero troubles. Sure wish we could get back to healthy way of grown food in the states again.

      • helenvella


        Yes if only the so called Western Countries were to look at the way they are growing and farming foods

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