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What makes Chronic Pain Worse?

Chronic pain or any type of pain is not something we like to live with. There are all different types of pain people live with.  Avoiding foods for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Back Pain, Arthritis, Migraines and cramps to name but a few.  Chronic Pain and Wine

We all have pain at some point, some more chronic than others, but did you know what you eat and drink can either make the pain worse or better. I found this is out the hard way.

When I hurt my back I became aware of this after a visit to the chiropractor  I was feeling so much better so decided I would have a glass of white wine with my friend who came to visit.  The next day my back was worse than it was before I went to the chiropractor in the first place.  I went straight back for another session -he then asked me what I had done after leaving his office.  Innocently I said I had white wine with my girlfriend.  He then informed me how it makes the pain worse and if I had to drink wine to change to red.

Therefore if you suffer with chronic pain from Arthritis, Back Pain and headaches, or have IBS or any other type of chronic pain take a look at the list of things to avoid.

Avoid these foods.

  • Sugar, this includes anything with high sugar content including grapes
  • CaffeineAvoid these foods for chronic pain
  • Nightshade vegetables, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes
  • Trans fats and fried food – they cause inflammation
  • Dairy Products
  • Aspartame
  • Junk food
  • White Wine


What is good to eat?

Fresh food as much as possible, organic, fresh and home cooked.   When going out to eat you can easily order steamed vegetables, salads without dressings and drink red wine in moderation always 🙂 always make sure you drink plenty of water.  Water helps you hydrate which also helps alleviate some of the pain.

I suffered a long time with a chronic back condition, 8mm herniated disc, 4 bulging discs and was told I may not be able to walk too well again.  This injury caused me to be paralyzed from the neck down.  I used only holistic methods, diet, meditation and holistic healers to aid in my recovery.  I am pleased to say that I dance, run and have full body movement.  Most of all I do not have any pain.

Flare ups happen from time to time and when they do it is usually because I have overdone the walking or dancing or the food and alcohol I have consumed.

Individual Tastes

We are all individuals and I constantly tell my clients that what is good for one person is not always good for another.  We all have different metabolic rates, blood types and cultural differences. Learn to know your body, know your responses to the foods and drinks your consume.  Keep a food and drink log, you will be surprised what you will learn about yourself when you read back what you have consumed.Fruits and Vegetables.

Every day when you wake up sense how you are feeling, notice what level of pain you have and where it is in your body and write that down.   Keep a log of everything you eat and drink for the day, at the end of the day sense how you are feeling again, has the pain got worse or has it moved or is it a different type of pain?  Write this down.   IF you are not feeling good and your pain is worse then look to see what you ate and drank, you will then be able to figure out what is affecting your body and blood type.  If you are feeling great then repeat what you have done and you will always feel great 🙂

There are factors to consider when you are in pain all the time.

  • Diet
  • Emotional State
  • Physical State
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Finances

If any or all of the above has a challenge or problem then pain usually is worse. Stress being the big factor.  Again know your body and your circumstances and instead of being overwhelmed and in pain all the time put things in perspective and make your lists.

How to make it better

  • Relax – when you are tense the pain is worse
  • Meditate and let go of the painArnica Gel
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Supportive supplements Organic
  • Choose the right foods
  • Organic or Homeopathic Pain Relief (I use  Arnica gel and tablets)

If you are taking pain killers and medication please make sure you check with your medical practitioner before changing or adding anything to your medication.

Pain is not something we want to live with but we can take charge and control of it ourselves. Reducing pain makes for a less stressful life.  Know your body and know what is good for it and what is not.


If you benefited from this post please share so others may benefit also.


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  1. Reply

    I completely agree with this – I suffer from Lupus and have chronic joint and muscle pain. Since giving up gluten, grains and refined sugar I’ve found the pain to be minimal and almost gone!

    • helenvella


      Glad to hear you have found a way to get rid of your pain naturally. Out diet has so much to do with the pain and the health of our bodies.

  2. Reply

    This is so true! I found this out recently on my own. I have been experiencing certain pain and came to realize it was worse when I ate certain foods. How crazy I was just talking to my fiance about this.

    • helenvella


      Good to know your body and what makes it feel good and what gives you pain. Glad I was able to help.

  3. Reply

    It’s amazing how much the food we eat affects us! Especially lately I feel like I’ve been learning a lot more about the food I eat and there are definitely some changes to my diet that need to be made.

    • helenvella


      Not knowing what is in our food makes it hard to eat what is best for your health. Depending where you live in the world would depend on how you may be affected by it. Food really does make a difference to your health.

  4. Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing. Having Lupus and trying to avoid certain foods is a little harder for me since I just got diagnosis almost three years ago. It’s a battle that I’m slowly winning and I have bookmark this site for the reminders of what not to eat.

    • helenvella


      Excellent there is so much you can do for yourself using natural remedies and alternative therapies, everything helps if it works for you.

  5. Reply

    I’m in the same boat as you with back issues, slipped & herniated disks, etc. I also have had degenerative arthritis since my late 20s. I learned to finally control the pain with my diet. It took a ton of trial and error and research. I found that any non whole foods kill me as well as dairy. And I looove cheese. But I love being active and mobile more. I also found that I have to exercise a lot to keep my joints from getting too stiff. Thanks for the great tips. White wine was a new one to me, although I prefer red 🙂

    • helenvella


      Having back issues is not funny I agree, and like you trial and error to know what works for you. I found that white wine just gave me more pain therefore I stopped having it and things got better and as long as I look after my diet things are good.

  6. Reply

    Great post, and I totally agree. I cut out pretty much all of the foods you mentioned awhile ago and saw a tremendous difference. I notice any time I eat more, especially sugar, I get worse again.

    • helenvella


      Sugar is really not good for us but it can be so hard to avoid, once you do you feel so much better

  7. Reply

    Very interesting article, I’m glad I read it and I did learn something specific that I can try right away. I’ve been able to avoid the chiropractor for my bilateral sciatica through stretching and meditation for over 20 years.

    Over the last couple of months, I’ve been noticing some arthritic like shoulder pain in my left shoulder. I’ve been able to add a new stretch to my routine and it appears to be helping with the pain.

    What I learned about today was Nightshade vegetables, in particular, eggplant, tomatoes. (I don’t normally eat potatoes). I’m going to avoid eggplant, tomatoes and see if that helps with the pain reduction.


    • Reply

      Thank you so much, I am glad you found this interesting and I was able to help you realize something that will help you with your shoulder pain. Inflammation causes pain and I have other posts on how to reduce inflammation also. The food we eat to-day plays a big part on how our body performs. Helen

  8. Reply

    Hi Helen,
    As an on going journey for me to address my hypertension issues I am slowly reaping the benefits of making better food choices, i’m the type of person that needs to have a personal experience of something before making a permanent change. the changes in my physical state have been amazing since completely cutting out dairy from my diet. watch out sugar you’re next! 😉

  9. Reply

    I had no idea caffeine can make pain worse. I’m going to share this post with my mom, that has chronic pain and encourage her to eat more fresh vegetables daily.

  10. Reply

    What a great blog post. I’ve dealt with chronic pain for 7 years and always feel so much better when I’m in detox mode. I’ve noticed how I feel in regards to my pain factor after I eat something sugary or dairy. My mind is officially blown that white wine would contribute to my pain level! Thank you for writing this informative ABC important article. ?

  11. Reply

    I believe that food affects our body and how we feel. I eliminated sugar from my diet 4 months ago. Since then, I no longer have knee pain and I don’t believe I have had any headaches.

    I think everyone is different and different foods set them off. For me, it’s sugar.

  12. Reply

    Hi Helen,

    I suffered from a lower back pain a few months back. It was quite serious as it has potential to lead to slip disc. I went to a chiropractor as well. Apart from helping me to realign my posture, I was also told to avoid some foods. I remember caffeine being one.

    I think meditation helps as well. Being unable to move as normal sometimes put a dent into our confidence and we became negative.


    • Reply

      Yes it does put a dent in your confidence. Chronic pain is not something you want to live with all the time. Caffeine does play a part for some poeple also.

  13. Dinh


    Wow, I am surprised to hear that you had 8 herniation and 4 bulging discs and don’t have the pain most of the time! Would you say that the food had a big part to play in the reduction of the chronic pain?
    I used to keep a food diary when I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes so I would monitor my blood sugar levels with what I ate but I never thought of it in terms of pain and what I ate.
    I think the food log is a great idea and will try it out to weed out what affects me the most.

    • Reply

      Food played a part and so did fluids but it is not just one thing it is a combination of all the holistic methods that keep me pain free. Exercise is also key for me to keep the pain away.

  14. Reply

    I get bowel cramps when I don’t eat very healthy and they are a killer! I find that when I’m eating well, and especially exercising, I no longer have that pain. One of these days when I can afford it I want to go dairy free, mostly grain free, and super low sugar for my diet. I know it will make a difference immediately and for the longterm.

  15. Tim


    Hi Helen! Thanks so much for this post. I have always thought that the things you put in your mouth have a direct affect on your mind and body… (i say things, because not all marketed ‘food’ is ‘FOOD’)

    I am glad that there are others, like yourself, who agree with this! Love the site and will continue to follow it to live a healthier and better life!!

    Thanks again,

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