Female Menopause Symptoms and Women in their 50’s and Mid 40’s

Women in their 50’s, going through menopause are amazing, self-assured, knowledgeable, got it all together, you would think!!!  Female Menopause means different things to different women.

Female Menopause Symptoms
I realized something when I analyzed some of my clientele, where they were women in their 50’s or approaching 50.

All of them had very similar challenges.
What I found was some of them were confident, self-assured, knowledgeable, took care of themselves and were independent women. These are the ones who wanted to better themselves, rid themselves of baggage and re-awaken themselves, ready, willing and able for living the 2nd half of their lives.

These were also the women where they realized that part of their baggage was their husbands of 20+ years.  Now the kids had gone and they were back to just the two of them they realized there was something missing.

The other women were the ones who thought their lives were over.  Approaching or going through menopause, they felt they were losing their womanhood, losing their sex appeal, losing their looks. Losing control of themselves as women.

Some of them were having panic attacks, anxiety issues, major stress, and depression, some were even suicidal.

Then second set of women, who although I was coaching/counseling and empathizing with them –  I too was going through menopause and I thought it was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

No periods, the family had grown up and left home, baggage has gone including the husband.  Free to do whatever I want when I wanted.  Growing everyday, spiritually, socially, getting to know the real me and enjoying every second of it.

So what is it that makes us women go through the late ’40s and 50’s so differently?

Is it to do with Self Esteem??

I really don’t think so, because some of my clients were extremely confident, successful women who were in the half who thought their life was over.  Self Esteem comes and goes in different situations.

Self Esteem comes and goes in different situations and different women.

In some cultures, women in their 50’s who have gone through menopause are revered as elders in their communities. The younger generation look up to them for advice regarding their experience of a women’s knowledge of life.

The Media and Society Brain Wash.

How some women react to their 50’s has a lot to do with media and society along with pharmaceutical companies.  These companies advertise that all women will get the following symptoms

  • Hot Flashes,
  • Weight gain
  • Vaginal dryness,
  • Low libido,
  • Facial hair,
  • Sagging arms

and so much more.   How are the women meant to react when they are bombarded all the time with this in their face all the time?

Unfortunately, most women are buying into it and therefore become exactly what the hype says they will become.  They also follow the drug companies’ advice and take all sorts of medications.

One of my clients who is a size 1 and in her 50’s went through the menopause with absolutely no symptoms whatsoever and did not gain an ounce in weight. Obviously, this does not apply to everyone, this is just one of the clients in my research.

She has no facial hair and is loving her freedom and one of her sayings is “Because I Can”At this stage of her life, she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants without any restrictions.  She also believes, as I do, you become what you think about.

I cannot even say you are what you eat as my client eats exactly what she wants every day which includes chocolate and french fries and never gains weight, not the same for all of us I realize.

Another thing I noticed with these women that I researched is they were leaving their husbands. Really emancipating themselves and not settling as they had been before.

The other side of the coin was that the husbands were leaving the wives, some of these were the trigger from the women to feel their lives were over and they were no longer sexy, attractive, confident females.  They were past their sell-by date.

What are some of the things you can do to overcome negative menopause?

If you are reading this post then I am sure you want to find out how I was able to help myself and my clients.  Remember every woman is different and what works for one does not work for the other.  You have to test different things and do what works for you.

Attitude:  Staying positive and recognizing your change in mood, irritability, loss of interest or anything that is not what you are normally like.  When you are mindful of yourself and your moods then you can be aware of what changes are happening to you.

Diet:  Has your body shape changed, has your weight changed, if so what are you eating that is not supporting your health and wellness.  Be aware of what foods and drinks are having an effect on your body, that did not have an effect before.


Hot Flashes:   

    • Black Cohosh. (Actaea racemosa, Cimicifuga racemosa) This herb has received quite a bit of scientific attention for its possible effects on hot flashes. …
    • Red Clover. …
    • Dong Quai. …
    • Ginseng. …
    • Kava. …
    • Evening Primrose Oil. …

Evening Primrose OilUse with Caution any supplements or remedies especially if you are taking any medications, check with your health practitioner for any contraindications.

Night Sweats

  • Sleep in removable layers of clothing.
  • Wear breathable, natural fibers Avoid constrictive clothing Reduce consumption of warm beverages.
  • Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake.
  • Turn down the thermostat.
  • Apply a cold, wet compress to cool down.
  • Avoid spicy or very warm foods.

There are many symptoms you think you may be going through and you can easily research natural remedies for that particular symptom. However, my main object for this post is to do with how you react mentally and emotionally whilst going through the menopause.

  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Exercise
  • Keep Hydrated

Be honest with yourself about your life situation and whatever it is do not blame it on menopause.  The situation of the empty nesting or realizing your partner is not the person you want to spend your golden years with are not symptoms of menopause, this is you becoming aware of your situation.

In Conclusion, the two sets of women who were my clients is just something I was curious about and not something that has statistical or even a broader view of how women behave going through menopause.  I was however intrigued that there were clear distinctions in the mindset of these women which is my point.  The mindset has a great deal to do with how we act, react and respond to what is going on in our lives whether it pertains to our health and well-being or situations going on around us.

Therefore no matter where you are in your life right now if you are not entirely happy with all aspects then look at what you have to change so that all your needs are being met.  Look at your mindset, self talk and whether you are looking at things in a positive manner or a negative manner.

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    • helenvella


      It can be hard for some women, research is the best way to get through it and finding out what is the best treatments for your body. Good luck to your friend.

  1. Reply

    What a pile of unsubstantiated claims! If you know one person who does not gain weight, it is very likely due to her genetic makeup. Menopause is absolutely real and being aware of it’s affect gives us an opportunity to transition to another very beautiful stage of life full of power, wisdom and creativity.

    • helenvella


      As you say Menopause is a beautiful stage of life, but not all women would agree with that statement, which is what I am saying in my post. The information I put together in my post is from my own personal experience with my own personal clients. I am one of the women who totally agrees with your statement that it is a very beautiful stage of life full of power, wisdom and creativity.

  2. Rina


    This is such a great article with information that is empowering for women who are going through this part of our makeup. I have come through the other side and I am one of the lucky ones where the hot flushes were mild compared to what some women go through. The start of the change was dramatic but did not last long. I was overseas at the time and I wasn’t sure what was happening but still I was lucky to only have to endure for just a matter of a few weeks – the rest was plain sailing so to speak.

    • helenvella


      So Glad to hear that, some women suffer really badly. Being informed of options is always best.

  3. Reply

    Wow what an article, I never really understood as an adult what women went through in menopause. I, of course, knew about some of the stereotypical ones but I had no idea of women can potentially go through. Your article has opened my eye’s and heart to this and given me some idea as to what my mum could have been going through during menopause.

    Many Thanks


    • helenvella


      There is so much to this process and I have not covered hardly anything, there is more, I will be adding as I go along. Menopause is something that is emotional, physical and spiritual all at the same time. Glad you have more understanding now. Follow me on Wealthy Affiliates

  4. Ch


    Very nice and informative article.
    I agree with you completely, not everyone that goes through menopause suffers all of those uncomfortable symptoms. I just went through it and never had any of those symptoms. Well, maybe the sagging arms but that might be due to the fact that I´m losing weight, none of the other symptoms though. Regarding facial hair, I have none. In fact, I’ve lost almost all of my body hair with the exception of my head of course.(lol)

    • helenvella


      So glad you went through without too much, I think there is a lot more to sagging arms than menopause LOL

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