Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Benefits

What are the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as EFT –   what can it do for you, does it work, why use it?  All very good questions you might ask.

I have been using EFT on myself, my family and clients for around 18 years, the results always amaze me.  When I first heard of EFT I was skeptical at how it worked so quickly and would it have a lasting effect.  Was it really that good?

Since I started using and sharing EFT I have written books about it, given talks about and am a great fan of this Meridian Energy Process.  So what is it and how do you use it to benefit you and your family?

The process has been around since 5000bc an ancient Chinese Art so this is not New Age, it has been around for thousands of years. Tried and tested and proven to be very very effective.  This premise is based on all unresolved emotional issues that get trapped in your meridian system. This, in turn, causes pain and dis-ease in our organs and body.  EFT is also described as Acupuncture without the needles.  Scientific studies have been done on the use of Meridian Therapies with great results.

What are the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques,

you can use EFT on anybody any age from new-born to hospice.   You can even use it on your pets.  When my daughter was giving birth I used EFT and Hypnosis through the labor pains and she delivered her 9lb baby with no painkillers at all.  EFT is so easy to teach and so easy to get results. There is not a negative emotion you cannot use this on.  There are however aspects of emotions and although you may have anger issues or grief or depression, there are many emotional memories that are attached to them.  Therefore you can clear your anger towards your mother for mistreating you but you may still harbor anger against the job you got fired from.  You would tap on each of them separately so as to clear your anger for both memories.  Do not worry you will not clear your memories you will just eliminate the negative emotion attached to that memory.  Remember you can only have an emotion today, this very moment.  Schedule your session now    

Watch videos here on EFT set up

 So how do you use EFT?

It is also called Tapping and you use your fingertips to tap on the meridian points around your face, collarbone, and top of the head.   You focus on the negative emotion while you tap on the points.   An affirmation is said while tapping on the Karate Point to help release the negative emotion. As seen in this diagram.

How to tap



I personally have helped people overcome phobias, panic attacks, fears, emotional eating and a lot more using  EFT and I still get amazed at the results and how quickly it all happens.  I love teaching kids to use it to help them with their test anxiety and social skills.

When do you use EFT?

Every day and as often as needed.  There are no side effects to this protocol and you can only benefit from it.   Tap on any and all emotions.  One thing I get my clients to do is to write down 10 things that cause them to have a high negative response,

for example, Think of a time when someone made you really angry, the event was a long time ago or it may have been yesterday and you still get angry today thinking about it.

Therefore there is an unresolved emotional charge there, you tap on it while you are feeling angry – then recall the memory back – are you still angry?  Has the anger lessened, has the emotion changed?

Keep tapping until you can recall the memory and feel no negative emotional response to it.

Remember You cannot change the situation you can only change your emotional response to it.

Once you write down your list, you can pick one memory per day you will soon resolve many issues that cause you negative emotions on a daily basis.

We all have emotional responses to events every single day and they build up over time and then we get to a point where we explode over something simple, this is because we are adding all the other baggage to this event. Tap often, tap every day and tap on everything.



  1. Reply

    I have heard great things about EFT and also read the DR Wayne Dyer was a staunch believer in EFT techniques. Great article and this would make a believer out of me if I wasn’t already!!

  2. Steven


    Hi Helen,

    Great content, and really like your website. Had never heard of EFT before so reading your article was a real eye opener, as it’s a very important topic.


    • Reply

      Thank you, everyone has some emotion or emotions that are unresolved and can be triggered at any moment. EFT is a great tool to learn and keep using when the triggers arise.

  3. Robert


    Hello Helen. As someone who is proactive about helping myself manage my mental health, this technique is of interest. But at the same time I am sceptical because I hear of so many so-called miracle cures and simple activities that are supposed to rid you of all suffering! That’s not to say this is one of them. In fact, I’m keen to learn more about it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • Reply

      Always good to be skeptical I have been using EFT for nearly 20 years on myself and my clients and had amazing results. The best thing you have nothing to lose and no side effects. Hope you give it a try.

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