Depression Anxiety Symptoms – Self Help for dealing with depression?

Is there such a thing as depression self-help?

Depression and Anxiety Symptoms are can be very similar in some people’s view but Anxiety is more prevalent when stress becomes too much and then it can lead to panic attacks.  Depression has many symptoms and varies with each individual on any given day.

People have been suffering from depression since time began and science has been trying to discover what causes it and what can be done about it.  Especially now with the isolation over the past year and all the illness in the world.

Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, an estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression.

Depression is the leading cause of disability Depression is not always understoodworldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.

More women are affected by depression than men.

2.8 million adolescents aged 12 to 17 in the United States had at least one major depressive episode in the past year.

What are some of the causes of Depression?

  • Financial Issues
  • Grief
  • Relationships ending
  • Empty Nesting
  • Loss of Employment
  • Mis-Carriage
  • Loss of a Pet
  • Self Esteem
  • Feeling of despair
  • Being Alone

These are just a few there are many others.  There is also a chemical imbalance in your brain.  Sometimes referred to as bipolar.  Therefore self-help for depression can be a challenge and getting someone else to intervene and help can be the only way forward.

The emotions of sadness, guilt, and “what’s the point of it all” cause the serotonin levels and dopamine levels to change, this has a ripple effect throughout the body.  Physical symptoms can appear such as headaches, changes in skin and hair, stomach disorders, fatigue, insomnia.

One of the biggest reasons my clients will tell me when they come to me depressed will be that they do not know the reason for their depression they just know that they cannot shake off the feeling.  They also feel that nobody understands how they feel and they also have trouble explaining how they feel.  They do know they want to be able to help themselves.

Unless you have had depression it is something of a challenge why people just can’t “get over it”…..  How do you handle your emotions?

Many years ago I worked for a large corporate company and was pretty high up the ladder.  I had been there for several years and the company was merging with another even larger company.  There were opportunities for Voluntary Redundancy.   I have worked all of my life and been fortunate never to have been out of work.  I was offered a great package plus 3 months full Salary.  The condition was I could not work for 3 months otherwise I would not get the package.   So….3 months off with full pay and a package at the end of it, great you are saying what else would you want.  The first couple of weeks I was good at making plans and excited about my new venture in life.Stress about finanaces

The 4th week I did not want to get out of bed.  I was crying all the time, I had a feeling of being not wanted and a horrible sadness all the time.  When I would go outside I would say to myself, all these people are on their way to work, they have a purpose.

Remember just because people are perceived to have everything is not a reason not to be depressed.   Robin Williams said ”

“I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.

Me the most positive, self-motivated, inspiring others all the time was now DEPRESSED, how did this happen.  I went to the doctor and she confirmed yes you are depressed.  OMG are you kidding?   Not an easy thing to listen to and even more dreadful to be feeling this way.  I continued on this road until my 3 months were up and then started my own business and the rest is history.   However, I was on Prozac for a few weeks.  It did make me feel better but understanding all of this now, is just a band-aid, it does not fix the underlying cause for the depression.

How can you understand and help a loved one suffering from depression?

  • Understand that they do not understand
  • Nothing you will SAY will change how they feel
  • Forcing them into activities will not help either
  • Research what it all means
  • Look at any event that may have happened in their lives, does not have to be major
  • Respect what they feel is real and big to them
  • Ask them what you can do for them
  • Don’t judge

Natural remedies that can help

  • Fish-oil, rich in Omega-3 fatty acidsFighting Depression with natural remedies
  • Healthy fat, such as coconut oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Eggs
  • Sour cherries
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Lavender Oil
  • St.Johns Wort
  • Acupuncture
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Vitamin B Complex and B12
  • Magnesium
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Potassium
  • Meditate

These are just a few you can try, please do not try all of them at once, choose the ones that are best for you and your body.  I can highly recommend, Meditation, Exercise, and Acupuncture together.  Please also consult your doctor if you are taking any medications before taking anything else.  You can also research Homeopathy and Holistic Therapy.

How do I overcome depression

There are many remedies out there, the first thing is to take the first step.  Feeling so bad for so long is not good quality of life which is why some people who are depressed take their own lives.

If you are suffering from any kind of depression or know someone who is suffering, please remember the word suffering, then first simple thing is to change diet and supplements and then take it from there.  One baby step at a time.   Seeking professional help is key in extreme cases.

I am glad I am over my depression now and can help others with theirs.

Please share this post with others and comment about your experience below, thank you.

I beHelen Vellacame a writer, speaker, and holistic Mindset and communications Expert to make a difference by teaching from my personal experiences and also teaching a great empowering tool. My mission is to empower everyone to be their true self.  Get to know me!

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  1. Reply

    wow I never knew there was so many ways to be depressed,. but you tend to learn a lot when you read things, so I thank you for taking the time to write this all down, i’m gonna check out some of the foods that help with depression so thanks for that,..

    • helenvella


      Surprising how many foods affect your moods not many people realize what they are eating can be either very good for them or not good at all. Depression is real and getting worse with so much stress in the world to-day.

    • helenvella


      You are welcome, sorry for the late response but I have just gone through Hurricane Irma in South Florida and only just got my internet back.

  2. kayakhu17


    I have read this page from start to finish and it kept my attention all the way through.(my daughter suffered earlier this year with depression) I really like your list of natural remedies, plenty for people to try ! you have left a big gap between 350million people is there a reason ?
    the posters down the right hand side are all easy to understand and interesting. You will do really well with this niche. I for one will be following you

    • helenvella


      Thank you for your comments I appreciate them.  I will take a look at the gap you are talking about.

  3. Jackie


    My sister has been suffering from post-partum depression and it’s been horrible. I really appreciated you list “How you can understand a loved one” … I’ve been trying to reason with her, with little luck, so the tip “Nothing you will SAY will change how they feel” caused me to have an ah-ha moment! Question… have you ever tried ‘tapping’ for depression? I ask because it’s been suggested to us. Thanks for the great post!

    • helenvella


      Yes I use tapping all the time and I totally recommend it.  You can see from my pages I talk about EFT all the time as I have been using it with my clients for 20 + years with great success.

  4. Reply

    As someone who has been dealing with depression for a decade now, I totally agree with you that the most important thing is to accept you have depression and take the first step. Seeking help doesn’t show you are weak, it just goes to show that you are aware of the reality and have guts to try and find a solution…very informative and insightful article.

    • helenvella


      I am so glad to receive your comments. Depression is something to be taken seriously, and also looking at all the alternatives to deal with it from a Holistic approach.

  5. Reply

    A very helpful and concise post Helen. I practice ‘Mindfulness’ and find it really helps to lift my mood. I also find being out in the Countryside really threaputic for me.

    • helenvella


      Being outside is one of the best ways to change your mood, and I agree practicing Mindfulness is such a great tool too.

  6. Reply

    Thanks for bringing awareness to this topic! As a mental health counselor, it’s definitely something we need to discuss more often!

    • helenvella


      Totally agree, it is not something to hide, there are too many people suffering alone.

  7. Linda


    Hi, Helen!
    Very informative article and full of personal experience. Thank you for writing it and thank you that you are doing this. So many people are suffering.
    Fortunately, I never had depression, of course, some days I felt a little sad and depressed, but it was not depression. Actually, all my life I struggled with anxiety and living with that is not easy. Now is much better that it was some years ago (in school). Meditation is the thing that helped me and I am sure that it can help for depression.
    I like how you write. In my opinion, very important is to include personal experience in an article. Good job! 🙂

    • helenvella


      I am glad you have found something that works for you that is natural and easy to integrate into your everyday life. I have many articles on stress relief and anxieties.

  8. Reply

    Hello Hellen

    Read your article, but the main thing that caught my attention was the title then began reading your article and very interesting I am Bipolar with an explosive personality, I have been on many medications throughout my adult life ever since I got discharged from the Marine corp. Being bipolar is a rough mental disease and throughout my life I have learned to cope with it I do not take medication no more I have learned to bite my tongue, and the depression I take one day at a time very interesting article and very knowledgeable and informative
    thank you for doing this

    • helenvella


      Having a strategy to cope with what you have is key. There are many natural remedies you can use to help, being aware of what you have and how to handle it is how you manage it. Let me know if I can help further in anyway.

  9. amber


    I would definitely clarify the difference between depression and bipolar a bit more, on your post it sounds like they are the same thing when they are in fact, quite different

  10. Reply

    Dealing with this with my husband right now! Completely different than dealing with his BiPolar disorder though! Luckily I have great friends that are going through the same thing that are helping us through it!

    • helenvella


      Having a support system is key for people who have depression. I am glad your husband and YOU have a good support system around you.

  11. Reply

    Love that you mention diet and exercise. As someone who has spent years struggling with anxiety and depression, nothing has helped me more than making regular exercise a part of my life. Just 30 minutes a day has helped calmed my anxiety and in turn reduced my triggers for depression.

    When I was at the height of my struggles I could have used a list like this for myself and my family.

    Great post!

    • helenvella


      glad you found something that worked for you. Exercise is such a great part to mental and physical health, yoga and meditation also.

  12. Reply

    This is very helpful. I have been though depression myself. Exercise did help a lot. I used to meditate and that really made a big difference to ease my emotions.

    • helenvella


      I hope you are still meditating and doing exercise, being in a good frame of mind all the time is essential for good health. Practising positive lifestyle stops the depression and low moods coming back.

  13. Reply

    Thank you for sharing Helen. I don’t deal with depression myself, but I have had family members who are seriously impacted. Your tips on how to deal with it as an outsider are much appreciated.

    • helenvella


      Depression is such an overlooked unhappy thing for many people. Anything that can help people become aware is great.

  14. Jolita


    The statistics of people who are dealing with depression is just terrifying… It seems we live in a world where we can have more than we ever did but the numbers just keep growing which is scary and strange…
    Sadly, I feel I might be one of them but I’m trying to help myself as much as I can. I had no idea that certain foods or vitamins can help to feel better. I feel I can find a lot of support on your website you created. Thank you for sharing and for what you’re doing.

    • Helen


      Yes it is very terrifying I agree. Hopefully you can get help from the site and be aware I am available for personal sessions over the phone or skype. Good luck in your venture for balance and stress free.

  15. lynnsamuelson


    I think at some time or another most of us have had times of depression. I really appreciate your approach about how to interact with those who are depressed. I have a son who went through a scary time in college a couple of years ago and my husband was frustrated that he couldn’t understand why our son was feeling that way. My feeling was that the why didn’t even matter. He was in a lot of pain and that was all that mattered! I agree that tea, meditation and St. John’s wort can be wonderful.

    • Helen


      Thank you depression is real and a challenge for a lot of people. When using ST Johns Wort you have to be careful of medications and contra indications. This herb is the one you have to watch mixing it with other types of herbs and medications. Glad you are looking at the natural remedies.

  16. Tony


    I know someone that deals with anxiety and depression. Its depressing and sad to watch them go through it. I am so glad there are resources like this, and her doctor, that keep her on the straight and narrow. I appreciate you giving such a clear website of this information so I can be better informed on depression and anxiety.

    • Reply

      Glad you have someone that can help. Not always easy being around someone who is depressed. They sometimes are hard to get through to and be able to help them.

  17. Reply

    Two things that have made the biggest difference for me in dealing with my anxiety and depression is meditation and exercise. They HAVE to be atleast 5 days a week or I struggle. I’ve also heard magnesium really helps too.

    • Reply

      Yes exercise and meditation are wonderful for depression. There are many supplements that can help with depression B Complex being one of them. You know your body and what works for you is what you should follow.

  18. Cat


    Great post, I too have suffered depression in the past, both post-natal and “regular” (in lack of a better description). I do feel that there is a blueprint in my brain for depression and I’m trying to check the signs and treat it before it springs up. I feel like I’m getting good at it 🙂


  19. Reply

    Hello Helen

    Depression can be a very debilitating condition and I suffered from anxiety for years and even though anxiety and depression are different, suffering is just not necessary and useless to our health and well-being.

    But it can also be a good teacher in a way that it makes you a much stronger, deeper and intelligent person, can teach you lessons that you will not forget and show you how you do not want to be/live.

    Medication is not the answer, it is the lazy and unhealthy way and the pharmaceutical companies benefit greatly from it -There’s no money in the cure.

    I have a friend who is suffering from depression and I will definitely recommend this post/site to him.

    Thanks =)

  20. Julie


    I love that you recommend adjusting one’s diet and exercise first. In our society, we’re often advised to treat the symptom with medication. In fact, I went to the doctor for an issue recently and the first – and only – thing he suggested was to take over-the-counter medicine.

    Now, my issue isn’t necessarily aggravated by my diet, but I do know that some foods cause inflammation. And I’m certain I can improve my issue with movement.

    So back to your suggestion – I agree. First, it’s an easy action step to take. We can observe what we’re eating and drinking and make adjustments. Then, we can look into changing our lifestyle, as you suggest.

    I haven’t suffered from chronic depression, but like anyone, I experience the blues once in awhile and in varying degrees. Meditation works wonders for me. I also use The Sedona Method and Heartmath techniques. EFT is wonderful, too.

    And of course, seeking medical attention for extreme cases is essential, but can always be supplemented with other treatments.

    • Reply

      Thank you Julie all of your comments I agree with, depression is something that is a big subject and for the people suffering it is life changing.

  21. Reply

    You’re absolutely right when you said “Nothing you will SAY will change how they feel”. I’ve been on the both end of depression. When you are depressed, it’s like living in your own world with your own bias and mindset. The only way is to have patience and understanding.

    That said, as a victim of depression, it’s always up to us to say “that’s enough” and make the slow climb to what we were again. No one could help us unless we start with ourselves.

    • Reply

      Absolutely correct you must recognize that you have depression and that you want to get better. Some people have secondary gain by staying depressed.

  22. Reply

    Helen, Thank you for posting this information. I used to go through bouts of depression when I was younger, but for the most part have grown out of it. However, my wife is currently going through a terrible bout of it now for about 2 years. She has seen doctors but the medications have been at best like you said a band aid.

    I have followed many of your tips here that you have listed, but I still am finding that I am running into a wall when it comes to trying to help. We have talked many times since this all started from calm conversations to elevated arguments.

    Things do seem to be getting better at the moment as I have aligned myself better with what you mentioned here, but I still feel at a loss. She understands that the medicine is not curing her, but she seems hesitant to try anything else. If I suggest trying something else it seems to make her very angry.

    I guess my question is how do you help someone that you love dearly that wants the help, but when you suggest things it just stirs up the hornets nest?

    Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts on the subject.

    • Reply

      I understand totally where you are coming from. Firstly I would suggest you use some of the tips on yourself so you are coming from a calmer less worried state of mind. It also sounds that your wife would benefit from a professionals help, even though the professional might say what you have already said, coming from someone else will be looked at from a different perspective. This is not really the forum for giving personal advice, if you would like to contact me direct at I am sure I could advise accordingly.

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