EFT Tapping World Summit – Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Attracting Abundance

Tapping Summit

The 9th Annual Tapping World Summit,  starts on Monday, February 27th. This free online event has been attended by over 2 million people in the past eight years. Now the 9th one promises to be bigger and better than ever! Continue Reading →

How do I get over grief? Easy ways to handle grief and loss

Overcoming grief

How Do I get over grief? Grief has a way of affecting us when we least expect it.  Grief can affect us not only over death but also over break ups, losing a house, or a great friend. Including pets. Continue Reading →

How to Reduce Your Stress – Every Day Stress Managed

Signs of Stress

How to reduce your stress – Stress every day is common and we all suffer from this dreaded stress. Every day stress is common place and we all have to deal with it. I just want to explain about a Continue Reading →

What do you do when you can’t change? There is help!!

Learning New Skills

What do you do when you can’t change? Change can be the most challenging thing for a lot of people.  Some people are so scared of change they get themselves stressed out so much they have panic attacks.  We fight Continue Reading →

Why is there an increase in Suicide in Children? – What can be done?

Increase in child suicide

Why is there an increase in Child Suicide ? Suicide rates for those between the ages of 10-14 increased over 50% between 1981 and 2007,  also suicide is the third leading killer amongst children ages 10-14 years (behind accidents and cancer). Continue Reading →

How do you stop worrying, tips to help your child!

2017 plans

How do you stop worrying? Worry, worry is a waste of time, everyone agrees with this I am sure…..but we all still do it. We worry about money, family, children, weather, looks, weight.  The list is endless! However we usually Continue Reading →

Coping with kids in grade school – 7th grade, Good Years or Stress years?

How do I get through the holidays

Coping with kids in grade school 13 year old overwhelmed and stressed with school and homework……. 7th grade seems to be the grade with the most work says a 13 year old, she says I don’t have a life at Continue Reading →