How can I overcome fear

How can I overcome my Fears? How do I overcome Fear, Is it Possible?

How do I overcome my fears?   What are you afraid of?  Is it Spiders, Snakes, Insects or the dark?  We are all afraid of something, but it is how we deal with this fear that determines our quality of life living with this fear. Many of my clients come to me because they are…

Holidays and Family stress

Train Your Brain to Relieve Stress – Relieve stress and anxiety with these tools

Train Your Brain to Relieve Stress Do you need to reduce stress?, my guess is that you do!!!!  We all do….This website is designed to give you many ways to help you reduce stress and also eliminate it all together, this should always be the goal. Every day clients come to me with so much…

Signs of Stress

How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Simple Ways Reduce Stress

How to reduce stress and anxiety which is an everyday occurrence and very common and most of us suffer from this dreaded stress. Everyday stress is commonplace and we all have to deal with it. I repeat myself because this is so important. With the world having so many disasters, families coping with moving around and temporary…

Signs of depression

Depression Anxiety Symptoms – Self Help for dealing with depression?

Is there such a thing as depression self help? Depression Anxiety Symptoms are can be very similar in some people’s view but Anxiety is more prevalent when stress becomes too much and then it can lead to panic attacks.  Depression has many symptoms and varies with each individual on any given day. People have been…

Definition of sphere of influence

How to not be jealous, Overcome Jealousy Insecurity – Control Jealousy

How to not be jealous and Overcome Jealousy Insecurity Jealousy can ruin relationships or does it? Jealousy is usually defined as the emotional reaction to a threat to your relationship from a real or imagined rival.  Most cultures do not tolerate jealousy and the majority of people don’t talk about it because the feeling itself is…


Plan for a baby? – what is the cost? – what about your health?

Plan for a baby? What is the cost of having a baby?  I do not mean in monetary terms, I mean emotional and physical terms. No matter how old you are it is a very emotional time. When you are pregnant the hormonal changes, the body image changes and emotional changes are very real and…

What to do for summer

What to do for Summer – How to Get Through Summer with the kids and stay sane.

What to do for summer? How do you get through the summer with the kids and stay sane? Summer is a great time for having fun, taking time off and visiting new places.BUT what about the roller coaster emotions dealing with moving schools, starting college, empty nesting, BUT what about the roller coaster of emotions…