EFT Tapping World Summit – Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Attracting Abundance

Tapping Summit

The 9th Annual Tapping World Summit,  starts on Monday, February 27th. This free online event has been attended by over 2 million people in the past eight years. Now the 9th one promises to be bigger and better than ever! Continue Reading →

Meaning of Stress Management – Stress the silent killer.

Natural Remedies for Stress Relief

What is the meaning of stress management? Who wants to manage stress? Stress should be eliminated not managed. However, stress is something we have come to live with.  Different life events cause us all stress, financial  ,health, career and relationships and Continue Reading →

Benefits of Meditation Music for depression, stress, anxiety, heart disease

Benefits of Meditation Music

What can be the Benefits of Meditation Music? Mаnу оf uѕ think оf meditation аѕ a spiritual practice thаt iѕ reserved fоr monks thаt live in monasteries, but in reality, meditation iѕ a simple аnd accessible practice thаt аnуоnе саn Continue Reading →

Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally – Effects of smoking

How to quit smoking naturally

Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally Smoking is not healthy but аmоngѕt teens this is a worrying problem thе world over. It wоuld арреаr in ѕоmе parts оf thе western countries  thеrе hаvе bееn rigorous аnd fаr reaching anti-tobacco campaigns thе Continue Reading →

Panic Attacks Treatments – End Panic Attacks

Relief for Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks Treatments and ending them is what almost 40 Million people are looking for. Data from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests the prevalence of anxiety disorders in the U.S. — which include generalized anxiety disorder, social Continue Reading →

Avoiding Holiday Stress, and Avoid Stress Eating

Coping with stress through the holidays

Avoiding Holiday Stress! Getting through the holidays stress free?!?!?!  Is there such a thing as avoiding holiday stress?  Some are very excited and happy and love any opportunity to be with their families.  There are a good percentage of people in Continue Reading →

What can I Juice? How do you Juice? Health Benefits and Pitfalls of Juicing

What can I juice

What can I juice? How do you Juice? Health Benefits and Pitfalls of Juicing. Personally, I love juicing and I put in my juice all the vegetables I like and all the fruits I like.  I prefer more vegetables than Continue Reading →