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Networking Tips
It is a general consensus that when running a business, networking plays a huge role in your growth as well as your accomplishments. So why do so many people hop from one networking event to another without any results and grumble afterward that networking is not effective?

Networking is a part of our everyday living. It is one of the most effective methods to build your business and one of the very most cost-effective marketing and advertising methods.

In our everyday life as well as in business, you have to work in close proximity with other people to build your path to being successful.

The old axiom, “It’s not what you know but who you know” is only partially true. It’s misleading, simply because it emphasizes on simply making contacts. You have to build relationships, not just contacts.

Becoming successful in your business is mostly about sustaining relationships, and not simply possessing a list of individuals in your phone book or contact list.

You might have a bit of doubt regarding the advantages of personal relationships, however, there are many ways close contact with individuals can help in making your professional career or establishment a success.

When you are planning to get further ahead in business as well as in your own life, you’ll have to offer others your help, and you’ll secure a good amount of benefits from your relationships too.Business Networking Ideas

First of all one may think the concept of networking your business is a no-brainer, or perhaps you may be deterred from networking simply because you feel as though one person cannot be as effective in marketing your business as a marketing campaign.

Let’s consider the latter part of this statement.

Of every individual invested in your business, who happens to worry the most about its actual growth?      Well, I would certainly hope that it was YOU!

As the primary shareholder, you have got to be a walking advertisement for your business, this is not to say you should create billboards and magazines to carry over your shoulders but you must be in a position to market your business to others up close and personal as well as on paper.

A Great Elevator Pitch or self-introduction is crucial to all networking success.

Networking your business requires you to go out and represent your business.

Hopefully, this final paragraph has convinced you of the importance of becoming your business's biggest advocate.

Make an effort to create strategic alliances that are going to help benefit your business.

Would you rather connect with an enormous amount of people, one at a time, or perhaps interact with a few people that will each introduce you to a thousand?

Most people view networking events as a place to secure connections one at a time or make one deal at a time.

That being said consider this.

Consider looking for people who have the same target market as you, but are not your business competitors, and also offer great complimentary services or products to you.

Working with them will be a great chance to access their clientele or list of subscribers. You can cross-promote one another, you can organize functions together, you can do a mailing campaign collectively, it really is a win/win situation for you.Networking Win Win

Let's say you partner with two (2) new and innovative entrepreneurs a month and have accessibility to their database.

I am not stating that they will try to sell you their list of clients or prospects, but via them, you may get exposure to their clients or prospects.

Should they have five (5) hundred, one (1) thousand, or even ten (10) thousand individuals on their mailing list, instantly, you have gained access to those thousands of people.

If you utilize networking this way, then you certainly don't need to meet everybody in the room. The only thing you need is to get several potential strategic alliances.

Look for top-notch quality instead of quantity.

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  1. Penelope


    Quality over quantity, I couldn’t agree more. Even with everyone automated and online, networking is still a very real and valuable skill!

    • helenvella


      It certainly is and I make sure that I am networking face to face all the time. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Reply

    As they say “no mans an island” especially a business person. And who knows your business better than you? I suggest that one keep in mind to stress how you can help them. Nowadays people want to know what is in it for them.

    • helenvella


      Always giving your client more than they expect especially if you are a connector. Good Networking ethic can make you a go to person so you can connect others. Win Win.

  3. Reply

    Hi Helen. I agree it is more important to consider quality over quantity. And while making new relationships through social marketing is important, it is even more important to keep current relationships strong. It is easier to maintain current relationships than gain new ones. Great tips also.

    • helenvella


      You are so right. People tend to forget to nourish what they have and go out looking for new which as you already mention costs more. Keeping your clients and relationships fresh and in touch are keys to abundance and success.

  4. Reply

    I know I don’t network enough to get my business growing. I feel really exposed when I do. Okay, I have to get over that!! I’ll approach it as a challenge.
    Your post gave me encouragement–thanks!

    • helenvella


      It can be challenging and as I wrote in my book and teach my clients if you follow your ethics, values and are authentic all will be well.

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