Definition of sphere of influence

Circle of Influence Definition – How to Build a circle of influence

Face to Face networking, in my opinion, is key to elevating your business off the ground, making contacts and relationships for building your circle/sphere or circle of influence. What exactly is a circle/sphere of influence? For the purposes of Networking and Business, your circle/sphere of influence can easily be defined like this. Business’s who are…

Benefits of a vision board

Vision Boards Examples – How to make a Vision Board that really works!

Visions Board Examples can be found all over the internet and Pinterest but how do you know they really work? Since the Secret movie and books came out there has been a lot of discussion about vision boards and if they actually work. Firstly you will want to know what it is you want to…

Suicide rates america

Suicide Rates America, Teen Suicide on the Increase

Why is there an increase in Child Suicide ? Suicide rates for those between the ages of 10-14 increased over 50% between 1981 and 2007,  also suicide is the third leading killer amongst children ages 10-14 years (behind accidents and cancer).  It should be noted that although suicide is under-reported among all age groups, this is…

Are values important

What are Values? Do Your values shape your life and your business.

Your values shape your life or do they? Shaping your life – what does that mean anyway? We develop our values, beliefs, morals, and ethics from our life experiences and the people around us.  Sometimes they are not ours but what we have learned from others. In business and personal lives how we develop, grow…