Baby Camera Monitor, Who is really watching?

Do you have a baby camera monitor in your nursery to keep an eye on your baby and toddlers?DO you have a baby cam in your nursery

Do you know who is also watching you and your baby?

Voyeurs, yes Voyeurs

What do I mean by that shocking revelation, there is a market for people who hack into baby cam’s, nanny cams or whatever cams you have to monitor your kids.   When you are sitting there breastfeeding, changing or bathing your kids there are many who are watching you.

However, they are a great asset especially when you can link them to your phones and watch you’re beautiful love sleep, play and talk to themselves so easily at any time.  Baby cams are a sure way to go, please however set them up correctly and change the password often.

Easy to set up and very easy to put in the Nursery, family room or any room you think is necessary to look in on your kids when you are not there.

How do I know this, everything is hackable unless you protect yourself. most people when they get the baby cams install them but the one thing they forget to do is change the manufacturer password which is usually set to ‘admin’.Baby Cams get hacked


Choose your password which has more than 8 characters, not a name, has numbers and has characters, this will reduce the possibility of your device being hacked.

Don’t think it can’t happen?  There are a lot of sick people out there who love to watch, they also love to scare people and it has also been used to wake the babies up by the person who has hacked the device to shout and wake the baby up.  They then get some warped fun out of watching you trying to console your frightened baby.

Pet Monitoring Cameras

These too can get hacked if you do not have a secure password and then whoever is hacking knows you are out and your pet is left alone.  They can speak to them and distract them whilst someone else can come into your home.

Remember no matter what type of camera for whatever change the password as soon as you get it.  This applies to all your devices, laptops, phones, pagers, computers, anything you have.

Make sure you do your research and get a good device which has a password you can change to your own and change it regularly

Secure passwords and changing them often reduces the risk of being hacked.

Keep yourself and your family safe and realize that anything electronic and wireless has the potential to be hacked at any time.  Statistics say it is not if it is when so change those passwords now.

Keep your family safe and be diligent, if you leave your kids in a daycare center that allows you to see your children through their camera’s then make sure you mention to them about changing passwords regularly.Keeping your baby cam safe

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30 thoughts on “Baby Camera Monitor, Who is really watching?

  1. What a scary idea, but I guess it makes a lot of sense that these devices would be easily hacked. I feel so sorry for anyone who is a victim of this (knowingly or not knowingly)…but you make a great case for the easiest way to AVOID that outcome! I also had no clue “pet monitors” were a thing.

    • Yes pet monitors are a big thing right now LOL and yes it is scary what people will do to get what they want.

  2. Nice little article as it highlights the the problems of these devices if they are to keep you and your children safe.

  3. Wow, I never even thought of that. What kind of sick people would want to do that?!? Never mind, if I think about it I can prob figure it out and then be even more creeped out. thank you for that. It’s great that you did this post. I would not have even thought of that!!

    Hope all is well in your world, Helen.

    • It gets very scary, sometimes they even hack into your PC camera, I like to keep mine covered just in case. There are some very sick people out there.

  4. Whoa, I never thought of this problem before. It seems any piece of technology comes with hackers trying to beat their security measures. The “admin” password is widely known default known by everybody, so it is a good idea to change it so no sick people are watching. Some people are so deranged. Do manufacturer’s actually tell people to change the password in the instruction manuals? I hope so.

    • Yes the manufacturer’s instructions always mention to change the password. Not many people follow instructions, however.

    • Yes very creepy but being informed and making sure you read and follow instructions when you install anything that is wi-fi or internet connected is essential. Passwords are there for a reason and you must change them regularly.

  5. This is a valuable warning about what is likely to be a growing problem. Would it be possible to put pressure on the manufacturers and distributors, to make sure everyone is aware of the dangers?

    • I think the instructions do say to change passwords as soon as installed but I don’t think many people read them.

    • You have to check every appliance that is connected to wifi or can be accessed using the internet. Security cams, laptops,phones, routers, tablets and so much more. Changing passwords is key to not getting people looking at you and also looking at your hisotry.

  6. Wow what a scary thought, thanks for making people aware. So important to know these kind of things, it never would have occurred to me. Unfortunately there some horrible people in this world who take advantage of things like this.

    • You are so right, we have to be so vigilant these days because there is always someone who is going to try and beat any system that is in place.

  7. I have never thought of this before.
    My aunt just had a son couple of months ago and she wants to get a camera monitor for my cousin. I will definitely warn her about this password thing.

    • Please do, passwords should be changed on all security equipment as often as possible to make sure you cannot be hacked in anyway.

  8. Thanks for sharing this info. I have relatives and friends with young ones and I am sure they are not aware that hackers can use devices to watch their baby even in the nursery. I will pass on this important info to them.


    • Please share with as many people as possible, there are so many people using these cameras and do not change the passwords at all.

    • Any security camera can be hacked if the password is not changed regularly, it not only applies to baby cams but to everything electronic you have in your house or office.

  9. Whoa! Not good.

    We have a lot of security cameras at our house, but only in the common areas – not private spaces. Mostly we just watch the dog walk to and fro, sometimes our young adult children coming and going from the house.

    I would not want a stranger watching them. Thank you for these tips!

    • You are welcome, not matter where you have the cameras it is a way to get information that would not normally be shared. Be diligent and change your passwords.

    • Yes we live in a very strange world these days and a lot of people spend a lot of time on the internet trying to figure out ways to beat the systems in place for security.

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