Origin of Easter – Easter Chocolates

Happy Easter

Easter is a time for festivities, reflection and family gatherings. Easter is on different dates each year, between 21 March and 25 April, depending on when there’s a full moon in spring. Not everyone knows the Origin of Easter.  This Continue Reading →

Who am I? How do I know who I am? Learn to take off the masks and be the real you.

how do i change who I am

Who am I? A question everyone asks themselves sometime during their lives. I know I did but it was not in my early life I asked this question.  I also asked How do I know who I am?   Then Continue Reading →

Happy Baby Food – Organic Baby Foods

Happy Baby Organic Foods

We all want to do our best for our kids especially when it comes to their health. Feeding them what is good for them along with what they actually want can always be a challenge. We want to feed them Continue Reading →

Gluten Intolerance and it is not all bad – Signs and Symptoms Gluten Intolerance

Are you gluten intolerant?

Gluten intolerance or allergy to wheat or celiac disease – what does it all mean? Gluten, the latin word for Glue………. Is this something new for doctors to sell more drugs or has it been around for years? 40 years Continue Reading →

What do you do when you can’t change? Change is Stressful!!

What if you dont want to change

What do you do when you can’t change? Change can be the most challenging thing for you and a lot of people you may know.  Some people are so scared of change they get themselves stressed out so much they Continue Reading →

What is Acupuncture Used For ? The truth about pain relief using Acupuncture

What is acupuncture

What is Acupuncture used for and does it really work? Finding alternatives to traditional medicine can be labor intensive if you do not know what you are looking for.  Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years before 100bc and used Continue Reading →

What are the health benefits of Chlorophyll? -What is Chlorophyll?

Benefits of Magnesium

What are the health benefits of Chlorophyll you might ask and what does it actually do for you? Where can you find it and why you should be taking it. The molecular structure of  Chlorophyll is the same as the hemoglobin, Continue Reading →