American Football Season – The good the bad and the ugly!

American Football Season

American Football Season or for that matter English Soccer Season, European Soccer Seasons -excitement, suspense, and expense.  Whatever your sport of choice the winter months are full of games, reports, updates, highlights and news all about what is going on or not going on.

The Good….football-801047__180


Your team is winning, you have season tickets in the best seats. You can attend every game.  You are watching replays and highlights on your big wide screen surround sound tv with all your friends, drinking beer and all the food that goes with it.

Me….. I love British Soccer even though I live in the states.  I love to watch a match live, the anticipation of what your team is going to do.  Shouting at the ref or the other team and screaming with joy when you score.  Going to a live game is the best ever, the atmosphere, the coming together of everyone around you having one common activity together.  Shouting unrepeatable things at the other teams supporters 🙂

The Bad…….

  • Isolation
  • Stress                              the bad
  • Angry
  • Frustrated
  • Lonely
  • Abandoned
  • Unloved

These are just a few of the emotions you might feel around football season.  Whether you are left out of it or your team is losing games or position.

However –  there is the other side of the coin

  • Does your partner share the same interest
  • Do they support the same team
  • Are they happy with you spending all that time watching games
  • Are they happy with the money you spend on supporting your team
  • Do you have fun together even if you support different teams
  • Are you missing out on family time

All very good questions which I am sure some of you are very familiar with. How do you handle the situation if your partner is a sports enthusiast and you are not?   Do you complain and get upset every time they watch or go to a game?  How does it affect your relationship during the season?

All great questions you might ask – however how can you both be considerate of each others feelings, needs and wants and still achieve what you require in your relationship?  BALANCE  is crucial if you want to have a good relationship with yourself and others.  Even if you do not have to consider anyone before you watch or go to a game there still has to be some balance in your life so you are not constantly living the game.

The Ugly…..

Games and rivalry can be real and there can be fights and angry people around.  Sometimes depending on which team is playing it is best to not take the chance and watch it on tv. I remember going to a game and leaving at half time because I could see the crown getting very restless and loud and I knew there would be trouble after the game.   Guess what there was, glad I was not part of it. There is always someone who wants to start something and cause a problem.  Years ago there were people in the crowd that only went there to start trouble and not even care which team was

In conclusion, I would say have a wonderful football season no matter where you are in the world.  Be considerate of others whether at home or at the game.  Enjoy tailgating and everything else that goes with it. Remember however to have balance in all areas of your life.  Be inclusive with your partner if at all possible and if they do not want to be included then compromise in a way that benefits all parties.

Please share with others and I would also love to hear your comments about how you manage your season.  Thank you.

Helen USA, LLC

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  1. Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I am excited about football season and yes there can be a lot of stress involved. I had to learn how to enjoy the games and not take them so seriously. I am a very competitive person so it was a hard thing to learn.

  2. Reply

    [ Smiles ] Honestly, I am not into American football, despite the fact that it is a very popular sport.

    However, I do appreciate this article about it!

  3. carl scutt



    Very interesting point of view.

    These things I feel every day, but it’s nothing to do with sport. Does sport really drive people to these extremes? Wow, I never really understood what the big deal was with grown men running around in shorts.

    Makes all sorts to make the work go round I guess.

  4. Reply

    My weakness is college football and yes, it has started already. Roll Tide!! All kidding aside, it is very important that you find that balance with your partner. Mine doesn’t really care for football, so mostly he hangs out on the internet when I watch the games. I tend to be hit or miss with watching all games, so I guess I am not really that big of a fan 🙂

  5. Bo the Webguy


    Pulling for the Panthers again – I used to be a fantasy football nut watching all day Sunday and Monday Night. Now I am down to 1 game a week following my team.

    I may be watching a little more this year with a league I have started promoting

  6. Xdeem Li


    I for one am looking forward to this NFL season, GO NY GIANTS!!! Every new season brings new hope. Let’s see I feel by the mid season.

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