Achieve Goals, examples performance goals,

Achieving goals in your life when there are several natural disasters going on at the same time adds to the stress of everyday life.  This can cause us to be off focused from what our main objectives are and performance goals.How do you stay motivated

We can learn valuable lessons about ourselves from our past experiences and change them to achieve positive results. Re-evaluating our life and goals often can help us keep focused and make sure we are in alignment and balanced.

Looking at your life right now how satisfied with it are you?

  • Did you achieve your goals so far this year?
  • Are you enjoying where you are in your life right now?
  • Did you achieve your health goals?
  • Are you overwhelmed, stress and coping?
  • How are your relationships?

There are many things you could be looking at right now where you may not have achieved your performance goals yet.

What are the reasons you are not where you want to be right now?

This question can be a very difficult question to answer without sitting down and really focusing on where you are going.

This might be the time for you to rebuild and reorganize your priorities in the areas you are not happy with.   Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself are:

Am I looking For

  • More Meaning/Purpose in Life
  •  More Fulfilment/Happiness in Life
  •  More Ease/Simplicity or Balance in Life
  •  More Freedom and/or Inner Peace in Life
  • To Change or Move Forwards in my Career
  • To Achieve my Goals Faster/More Easily
  • To Learn to Trust Me More/Be My Authentic Self

Once you answer these questions and perhaps some others then you can reset your goals and your focus.  This will also change your motivation as you will have renewed many areas and you will be more likely to succeed which in turn will also keep you motivated.How to achieve work life balance

Letting natural disasters and other trauma that is going on in the world affect your personal goals, dreams and life is a challenge for many people.  I would strongly advise you to only listen, watch the news to keep updated with current affairs but not to dwell or continue to watch/listen constantly.   This will affect your motivation, stress, and health.   You are a part of the world and focusing on your goals and dreams will be able to make a difference in not only your own life but also in other people’s lives.

>Wherever you are in your life right now with your goals I would challenge you to take another look at them and make sure they are in alignment with exactly where you want to be.Coaching Goals should be short term and long term goals and they should be in synergy and in alignment with your true self.

Jay Abraham


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20 thoughts on “Achieve Goals, examples performance goals,

    • Setting specific goals is essential for you to achieve them. Not enough people date their goals or are realistic with them and then become less than motivated when they do not see themselves achieving them.

  1. Hey there Hellen. I have been working hard on my blog and trying to succeed at it, but the hurricane took a toll on my finances. I kept on going anyway. You are absolutely right about reordering your priorities and achieving goals in order to arrive at the point you want to be at right now.

    • The hurricane hit us all pretty hard as far as business growth, I know as well. Keep going, stay positive and reorder your priorities as necessary.

  2. True… nature disasters, politics, bad influences and negativity from others can easily distract one from achieving goals. Many people pay too much attention to the media and focus more on what is going on which, unfortunately, is mostly negative; this makes us prey to disorientation and we lose track of our dreams.

    • Could not agree more and I think it is getting worse as we have instant access to everything and as you say most of it is negative especially the media.

  3. I like your page. It is very attractive and inspirational. Providing guidance on motivation, inspiration in something that really empowers to achieve goals. personally I am reflecting in the your question, did you achieve your goals so far this year?,

    so it is a nice page, thanks

  4. I love love love your site and this article. It is very true. We do exist in life, and we need to live her life. Ge out of our comfort zone! Thanks for sharing this great article.

  5. I stopped watching and reading the news a few year ago. Still it seems impossible to avoid all of the bad that happens in the world.

    I didn’t know the power of setting goals until about 5 years ago, when my boss gave me a book to read about it. Since I read that book, I honestly feel like I have achieved more in those 5 years than I ever did before. Now I set goals daily, monthly, yearly, even have goals I want to achieve for my retirement.

  6. You must make long term and short term goals! Very helpful information! Try not to dwell on the past too much and move forward. If you are looking behind you will not get anywhere!

    • Totally agree, always look forward and leave the past behind you. Not worth taking it with you unless it is good positive lessons.

  7. I’ve always thought of myself as a highly motivated person but is so easy to lose track of your goals if you mind is led astray by things you can’t control. Focusing is key I’d say.

    • Focusing is so key to success just as you say, it takes discipline and a passion for what you really want to achieve to really reach your goals and true potential.

  8. Very realistic article!! I liked your suggestions. Sometimes we get distracted from our actual goals which left us with no result. Keep sharing such good articles!!

    • Thank you for your feedback I appreciate it. Keeping focused and believing in yourself will help you achieve your goals.

  9. I really love this site, it asks questions that most do not want to hear. I have hit rock bottom two times in my life and got back up both times. As soon as I stopped blaming the world for my problems, things got better mush faster!

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